Argyle Pink Diamonds Engagement Rings

Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge specialises in sourcing the world’s finest pink diamonds. Our team of certified jewellers personally and carefully source our diamonds to give you your perfect engagement rings in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We offer first-rate and investment-worthy pink diamonds.

Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge also offers Argyle Pink Diamonds at wholesale prices. Investing in pink diamonds is a fun and exciting experience. The process will also be effortless with the expert help of us as your jewellery concierge, who will work with you every step of the way.

Pink diamonds engagement rings sample in a white gold split band

Undeniably Beautiful Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are known to be one of the rarest naturally coloured diamonds in the world. There’s no other place in the world that produces rough pink diamonds other than East Kimberley with only 50 – 60 carats produced every year.

Beyond its scarcity, pink diamonds are also the most sought-after coloured diamond due their undeniable beauty.

These rare diamonds are made and handled with utmost precision and care, intricately cut and polished by diamond experts. Pink diamonds are nature’s work of art crafted to perfection by industry’s renowned artisans.

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Represent Your Love With a Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

This precious gem is the perfect symbol of love for your engagement, wedding, anniversary and other special occasions. When you want your proposal experience to be unlike any other, why would you want your wedding or engagement ring to be just like everyone else’s? If you’re looking to make a statement wherever you go, then a pink diamond ring could be your perfect choice. With the brilliance of a diamond but in a soft pink hue, a pink diamond will dazzle and delight as it sits delicately on the finger.

Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge offers a selection of pink diamonds to set in the perfect custom-made jewellery. Personalising your jewellery with pink diamonds makes it more special. Book your mobile appointment to discuss your custom made engagement ring or wedding ring design with us.

pink diamonds australia
pink diamonds australia

Pink Diamond Investments for Sydney Locals

Pink diamonds are popular as investments. Pink diamonds are very rare, making them one of the most valued and desired diamond investments.

Our team is composed of award-winning jewellers certified by GIA. With years of experience in the jewellery industry, our concierges provide expert advice and consultation for your pink diamond investment. We can have a one-on-one consultation in your chosen location at your preferred time. We will answer all your questions and concerns regarding your pink diamond investment.

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At Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge, our pink diamonds come with independent certificates from leading and internationally acclaimed diamond grading laboratories. The quality and authenticity of your pink diamond are guaranteed.

Our jewellery experts individually and thoroughly source every pink diamond from the world’s largest diamond suppliers. We will guide you through the process of buying high quality graded pink diamonds for your bespoke jewellery and diamond investment.

pink diamonds australia

Personalise your gift to a loved one in the best way possible: with a bespoke pink diamond. We also specialise in providing yellow diamond and sapphire engagement rings in a range of shapes. From a princess cut diamond engagement ring to oval, pear, halo and cushion, your beloved is sure to be spoilt for choice.

However, you wish to symbolise your commitment, let our award-winning jewellers combine your vision with our skills to create a masterpiece that will last as long as your love. Why not book a one-on-one appointment with our professional pink diamond specialists in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane today? Our localised, trustworthy and consultative approach is sure to make your engagement ring or wedding ring shopping experience a breeze.


Yes, pink diamonds are valuable as they are rare and unique in how they are made. Most pink diamonds are made at The Australian Argyle mine, and only 1% of the 8,000,000 carats mined annually carry a pink diamond grade. Popularity and demand often dictate value, and pink diamond mining supplies remain low. Therefore, the value continues to increase as more people long to get their hands on such a rare commodity and a sound and sought-after investment piece.

The larger the carat weight and the better the cut, the more distinctive the colour and clarity. The more exceptional the colour and clarity, the more valuable and expensive it may be.

As pink diamonds are valuable, they are excellent investment opportunities. A pink diamond does not have a shelf life or lose its sparkle or colour, and most remain as striking, bright and stunning as the day they were mined, making them valuable and great value for money.

Yes, a pink diamond is good for an engagement ring. In fact, a pink diamond is a perfect presentation of the rare and unique love you have for your loved one. A pink diamond is a stunning, distinctive, exceptional gemstone that cannot be rivalled when matched with the perfect setting.

They are durable and yet offer and evoke a delicate, feminine touch that compliments most hands and shades. A pink diamond can be matched with any engagement ring style or design, including a classic look. They work wonderfully in accent jewellery or as a striking centrepiece with an engagement ring piece.

A pink engagement ring means you are not afraid to try something different from the average white diamond and is a symbolic representation of creative expression. A pink engagement ring and diamond symbolise and exude love, happiness, romance, creativity and confidence. Pink diamonds are believed to amplify, stimulate and balance the wearer’s energy, spirituality and intuitiveness, creating harmony within a relationship.

Immortalise your unique love story with a pink diamond. Due to the ambiguity behind how a pink diamond is made, pink diamonds have a touch of mystery, uniqueness and intrigue, making them an enigmatic, alluring and highly converted choice.

Yes, pink diamond rings are a good investment. One of the basic principles behind a good investment is supply and demand. As natural pink diamonds are rare and difficult to source, their price value makes them excellent investment opportunities.

Pink diamond rings have become a popular choice for investment in recent years and are an excellent, unique purchase compared to the usual gold, silver, colourless diamond rings.

A pink diamond does not have a shelf life or lose its sparkle or colour, with most remaining as striking, bright and stunning as the day they were initially mined and therefore are excellent value for money and a valued investment. Matched with durable band material such as solid gold or silver and within a perfectly complemented setting, a pink diamond ring can last a lifetime. A pink diamond ring can also be passed down for generations as an heirloom piece making it an excellent lifetime investment.

A factor contributing to a pink diamond’s investment value is its certification. Australian-certified pink diamond value has grown astonishingly, with an average of 18.6% to 28% within 12 months. Purchasing a pink diamond ring with its increasing daily value can present an excellent investment.

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A silver or white gold setting matches a pink diamond best as they contrast and enhance the sparkle, colour and brilliance.

Use rose gold settings to accentuate and intensify a pink diamond and its rosy glow. A rose gold setting for a pink diamond ring is an excellent option for the budget-conscious who want a cheaper diamond while still getting a sparkling display of opulence and magnificence.

A halo setting emphasises the pink diamond at the heart of the ring, making it appear larger and more dramatic. A colourless diamond halo can also provide a contrast that can emphasise the pink diamonds’ sparkle and fire. Consider a double halo setting by adding a layer of smaller stones to your pink diamond ring to highlight and make your pink diamond even more stunning, exceptional and unique.

An oval halo pink diamond stone creates an intricate aura of elegance and uniqueness and is a perfect recipe for a timeless, sophisticated engagement ring design.

A three-stone pink diamond engagement ring is symbolic of a flower bouquet and represents your relationship’s past, present, and future. Pairing your pink diamond with colourless diamond side stones also draws attention to the pink diamond at the heart of the ring and enhances its size and sparkle.

It takes two to four weeks to make a custom handmade pink diamond engagement ring, but it can vary on the design complexity, the material rarity and any design changes you wish to make along the way. Creating a custom pink diamond is a fun experience that should be as cherished as the love you and your partner have for each other. Contact us today. Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge is an award-winning mobile jeweller offering an exquisite collection of diamond engagement rings and bands, including beautiful pink diamonds. You want your proposal to be a once-in-a-lifetime, unforgettable moment. Monty Adams is an award-winning service that walks you through every step in designing Custom Jewellery with your personal jewellery concierge.