A special moment calls for a special ring: declare your intentions with a platinum engagement ring from Monty Adams. We have a wide collection of engagement rings in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in a number of silhouettes and cuts.

Positively strong. Impossibly brilliant. A perfect demonstration of your affection. Regarded as the King of Metals, platinum characterises all the qualities of the perfect companion: strong, malleable and extremely rare. Thanks to its durability, it has fast-become a favourite metal of choice for many soon-to-be-engaged women. At Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge, we’re proud to offer platinum engagement rings to brides across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Why not take the time to browse our collection below?

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Our collection of ready-to-wear platinum engagement rings are all about inspiring you. If you’re looking for something truly unique, we can also design a custom made engagement ring to perfectly reflect your taste and budget. Consult with our qualified and talented jewellers, who can work with you to replicate your exact ring based on your sketches and designs. Whether you’re after a double halo platinum engagement ring or princess cut diamond engagement ring, if you can envision it we can create it for you.

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We’re not your average jeweller. We offer mobile appointments at your home, office or any location of your choice – and to a schedule that suits you. Trust our expert and award-winning jewellers to turn your dream engagement ring into a reality. 

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In addition to our exclusive selection of Platinum Engagement Rings, Monty Adams has curated a stunning collection of high-quality engagement ring genres to suit any desired style and occasion. Our award-winning jewellery concierges will travel to you, assisting you in choosing your bespoke, custom engagement rings. Learn more about the styles we provide below: 


What is the difference between platinum and white gold engagement rings?

There are two distinct differences between platinum and white gold. Although both are strong precious metals, platinum is rarer, more durable due to its weight and specific gravity (denseness), and less likely to break than white gold. Being a more malleable metal does mean platinum can be more susceptible to scratching and bending in fine wire construction. Platinum is nearly always used at 95-96% purity, whereas white gold can be alloyed down to varying levels of purity. 

Platinum is naturally white, whereas white gold combines pure gold and alloying metals such as palladium to create the white colour. Due to how it is made, white gold is off-white rather than a true white and is commonly corrected with a special surface treatment called rhodium plating.  While platinum is typically more expensive than white gold initially, due to the need for replating, the maintenance cost of white gold rings can cost more over time. As a result, platinum is a very popular choice for engagement and wedding rings.

What is the best way to care for a platinum engagement ring?

The best way to care for a platinum engagement ring is to ensure you remove it before using harsh chemicals, showering, and avoiding gardening or heavy housework that may damage it. In addition, it is best to remove your platinum engagement ring before showering or applying lotions or other cosmetics due to chemical and oily build-up that could cause your ring to deteriorate over time. 

It is always recommended to have a jeweller conduct a yearly check of the settings along with a polish and clean, to remove scratches that build up over time and to keep your engagement ring at its best.

What is the best way to determine the quality of a platinum engagement ring?

The best way to determine the quality of a platinum engagement ring is to locate the platinum hallmark inside the band, which is written as Pt or PLAT. If there is no platinum hallmark, the engagement ring is not platinum. Remember to read the letter and numbers of the hallmark. After the hallmark PT, PLAT, the numbers or letters indicate how many parts out of 1000 are pure platinum by weight. A platinum ring can be made with platinum and still not bear a hallmark if made with less than 50% platinum.

Are there any special stones available for platinum engagement rings?

Any stone looks its best in platinum. Being a neutral colour, any coloured gemstone will be complimented by the richness of the metal. However, diamonds are particularly dazzling in platinum! 

The cool tone of a stunning Ceylon Sapphire looks very regal in platinum and is a particular favourite, especially when adding a halo accented with strings of diamonds.  

Combining diamond and coloured gemstones in a classic trilogy design to contrast the colours is also a popular choice in platinum. Try combinations including the natural green emerald or the warmth of the exquisite ruby. 

The choices really are endless. Contact us today to discuss the various gemstone and platinum pairings and to design your dream engagement ring.

Are platinum engagement rings more expensive than gold engagement rings?

Yes, platinum rings generally are more expensive than gold rings due to their weight. Precious metals are priced by weight, and as platinum is heavier than gold, it tends to cost more. Another factor that may result in platinum costing more than gold is that although both are strong precious metals, platinum is rarer and can attract a higher labour cost as it is more complex to work with. However, when looking for an engagement ring, the gemstone selected for your ring is often times the most significant portion of the cost and investing in platinum will provide long terms benefits long after you remember the extra cost for the platinum.

Are there any special cleaning techniques for platinum engagement rings?

Yes, there are special cleaning techniques for platinum engagement rings. First, clean your platinum jewellery in warm soapy water with a mix of dish soap and a couple of drops of ammonia. Add your platinum engagement ring and let soak for a minute or two, longer if desired (10 minutes should be plenty). Then, gently scrub your ring using a soft cloth or a soft-bristle toothbrush to remove the intricate, hard-to-reach places or particularly dirty parts that need special attention. Rinse and repeat if necessary. Finally, dry with a lint-free clean cloth. Enjoy your beautiful platinum engagement ring! 

For an extra special occasion, having a qualified jeweller polish and professionally clean your ring, will bring it back to brand new!

Are there any special warranties or guarantees offered with platinum engagement rings?

Yes, we offer special warranties and guarantees with all our platinum engagement rings! Here at Monty Adams, we offer a lifetime warranty on all our products. To us, it’s important that we provide you with the best advice and products that can last a lifetime. What’s more, our warranty covers workmanship. We handpick our Australian-based jewellers to create Australian-made products, reassuring us that all our products are of high quality. As a result, we feel confident in offering our clients a 100% lifetime guarantee and warranty. Check out our video for more information!