Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Showcasing its exceptional brilliance, a princess cut halo engagement ring is a timeless classic. Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge is proud to present bespoke princess cut diamond rings for the eternally sophisticated and modern woman.

White gold ring band with pave halo design and a princess cut diamond in a 4-pronged setting at the center

About princess cut halo rings

This particular diamond shape dates back to the 1960’s. Defined by its square-shaped edges, the diamond is cut in a way so that maximum light reflects off its 58 facets. Lending to a clean and romantic feel, a princess cut halo diamond ring lets its wearer know that they are cherished. An elegant choice, this is one stone that will never go out of style.

Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge can design and handcraft the perfect princess cut halo engagement ring for your beloved. Encased in your choice of metal, our certified jewellers will be happy to work with you and recommend a setting that will hug and protect the corners of your princess cut.

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Rose gold ring band with pave halo design and a princess cut diamond in a 4-pronged setting at the center

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What Is the Princess-Cut Diamond?

The princess cut diamond is the most popular contemporary engagement ring style, distinguished by its all-square diamond-shaped, stepped, and multiple brilliant cuts and light-catching geometric-style facets. Its architectural lines, and symmetrical and structurally balanced appearance, creates a distinctively modern yet timeless, striking beauty and depth of sparkle. A Princess Diamond Cut suits and matches almost any ring setting making it customisable and unique to the buyer. Princess cuts are the most popular fancy-shaped diamonds, accounting for up to 15% of global diamond purchases.

What settings pair best with princess cut diamonds?

When choosing your princess-cut diamond ring setting, select one with no inclusions around the edge and a stable prong. The most popular setting for a princess cut diamond is a four-prong setting mounted as a solitaire or a bezel setting. These settings will protect the princess-cut diamond’s delicate corners and prevent chipping.

What are the Pros & Cons of Princess Cut Diamonds?

Pros: Princess-cut diamonds are a great alternative to a round diamond. They are, on average, 25-35% cheaper than a round-cut diamond and are one of the most brilliant and popular fancy shapes. A Princess Cut Diamond looks excellent in any setting, and with a long diagonal measurement, they appear large even with a slightly smaller face-up size.

Cons: Due to the sharp, uneven corners and cut of a princess-cut diamond, they are prone to chip or snag. To avoid this, they need to be protected by prongs and have no inclusions around or near the edges, as this can make them more vulnerable. Therefore, princess-cut diamonds are not suitable for certain active lifestyles. We recommend purchasing ring insurance and getting your princess cut ring serviced regularly. Monty Adams offer meticulous jewellery repairs and servings. We ensure everything is done with precision by employing trained technicians to care for intricate pieces that need special attention. Services include re-tipping, claw repair, stone replacement, and clasp fitting.

What clarity & Colour grade do you recommend for a princess-cut diamond?

Clarity: We recommend you stick with SI1 or VS2 grade clarity for a princess-cut diamond, which will buy you a beautiful diamond.
Colour grade: We recommend the Colourless D, E, and F colour grade for a princess-cut diamond or near colourless G, H, or I grade. Consider an H or I princess cut diamond for a white gold setting and a J colour princess cut to fit a rose gold or yellow setting. Colour grade I is the minimal colour grade we recommend and is less expensive than G or H princess cut diamonds.

What is the ideal girdle, measurements and cut for a princess-cut diamond?

The ideal girdle, measurements and cut for a princess-cut diamond depend on your personal preference and what type of diamond suits your hand profile and design. Measurement can vary from one princess-cut diamond to the next due to its cut. The cut, depth and girdle are the most important factors that determine the overall look of your princess-cut diamond and ensure the correct proportions and symmetry. Princess cuts with uneven sides or unequal proportions and non-symmetrical ones are less attractive.

Choose a total depth between 65% – 75% for the best balance of brilliance to diamond size. For a squared princess-cut diamond, stick to a length-to-width ratio of 1.05:1 or less. For an excellent cut, a depth of 64% – 75% and 67-72 table percentage will result in a very thin – slightly thick girdle. For a good cut, 56 – 58 % or a 76-82 table percentage and a 58-63.9 or 75.1-90 depth percentage will result in a very thin to thick girdle.

The symmetry of the princess diamond facets helps find a desirable balance of light and dark areas, avoid the pavilion bulge and create the beauty of the cut. Symmetry is easier to find on the larger facets of a princess-cut diamond. To ensure symmetry, the left and the right half of a princess cut should be the same, with no extra facets where the points of the facets meet. The bottom two halves should also be symmetrical. To prevent the pavilion bulge that makes the stone look dark and adds extra weight, you should avoid a steep slope from the girdle to the culet from the side. Instead, the pavilion should slope gently.

What side stones complement a princess-cut diamond?

A princess-cut diamond looks beautiful in many designs and settings and with many gemstones. The best side stones to complement, add a beautiful contrast and enhance the beauty of a princess-cut diamond are baguettes, tapered baguettes, triangles and trilliants. Round-cut stones matched with princess-cut diamonds are a beautiful design to consider. Some enjoy a mix for a truly unique design, while others like to match.

Do princess-cut diamonds chip easily?

Princess-cut diamonds do chip easily and are very fragile. To care for your princess diamond, we recommend you get it serviced regularly and repaired when necessary. Monty Adams offer meticulous jewellery repairs and ensure everything is done with precision by employing technicians who are trained to care for intricate pieces that need special attention. Services include; rhodium replating, charm soldering, re-tipping and claw repair, stone replacement, and clasp fitting.

Simply call us, and we’ll be there at your doorstep to magic all your repair worries away. Our mobile jewellers offer jewellery consultation on-site. We will evaluate your jewellery and provide solutions that suit your needs and budget. Jewellery restoration is part and parcel of ownership. Maintaining your beautifully selected princess-cut diamond ring is important and is an integral part of the aftercare services that a jeweller can provide. Whatever the requirement, our range of jewellery restoration services available means that your sentimental piece will have a second lease on life thanks to our special attention.