Eternity rings

Celebrate life’s milestones and successes with the most exquisite Eternity Rings in Sydney. Monty Adams offers a wide range of unique, stunning, and genuine Eternity Rings for every occasion. Choose from a variety of designs, make, and colour that matches your style and budget.

eternity rings
eternity rings
eternity rings

What are Eternity Rings?

Eternity Rings, also called infinity rings, are a symbol of celebration. They are frequently given as gifts to mark life’s most important occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, and engagements. It’s a piece of jewellery that is timeless and can be handed throughout the ages.

With a history dating back to early Egyptian times as a token for both love and peace, Eternity Rings can be considered as a modern idea that symbolizes everlasting love shared between two people that are traditionally given at a milestone anniversary.

Eternity Rings can be made using various types of precious metals such as gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. They’re mostly embellished by diamonds, as well as coloured gemstones, and can be set in a variety of styles including channel setting, bead setting, and pave setting. You can design your Eternity Ring to match your wedding band and engagement ring perfectly.

One of the earliest designs of Eternity Rings is in the style of a snake devouring its own tail that is often associated with eternity. Now, modern jewellery design gives you more options. But, essentially there are two types of Eternity Rings you’ll find in most stores – Full Eternity Rings and Half Eternity Rings, both equally special and magnificent.

Full Eternity Rings

Iconic for its continuous design, full eternity bands are embellished with diamonds and gemstones set all around the ring. In the jewellery business, the full Eternity Ring is one of the most luxurious kinds of ring you can buy.

Traditionally, a full eternity band is made from precious metal like gold and platinum, with your choice of stones in a pave setting. Diamond shape is a matter of personal preference. You can have the diamonds or gemstones in round, cushion, or emerald.

Half Eternity Rings

A more practical and affordable alternative to a full band is the half Eternity Ring, with stones set only across the top half of the band. Some people prefer half eternity bands because they’re more comfortable than full bands and they can accommodate bigger diamonds for the same price as the full band.

However, their price still depends on the total carat weight, the metal used, and the diamonds and gems embellishments.

Diamond Eternity Rings

For the couple who love tradition, the diamond Eternity Ring is a perfect gift for when you celebrate your first year as a couple, as an engagement ring, or gift to your wife for when your first child is born, or celebratory gift for a long, successful marriage on your golden wedding anniversary. A diamond Eternity Ring is an opulent reminder of cherished moments in a couple’s life together.

Gemstone Eternity Rings

Although diamonds are the popular gemstones of choice for Eternity Rings, there’s a growing popularity for coloured gemstones because of their symbolism. Rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and other stones can be customized along with diamonds to create a unique eternity that describes the owner’s personality. For example, ruby is the official gem for 40th Wedding Anniversaries.

What is the perfect Eternity Ring for you?

Choosing the perfect eternity for your spouse or partner is not that complicated.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Ideally, your Eternity Ring should match or complement your wedding ring or engagement ring. If your other rings are made with white gold, find an Eternity Ring created with the same metal, or at least with the same colour like platinum in this case.
  • What’s your lifestyle? Along with your wedding ring, an Eternity Ring is also worn every day so a big part of the aesthetics should involve practicality. Many couples opt for channel set ring style which protects the stones that typical claw settings can’t.
  • Diamond or gemstone? Diamonds are normally on the pricier side but their iconic sparkle creates a beautiful jewellery piece that will last a lifetime. However, don’t let this stop you from choosing gemstones. Ultimately, you should go with your own style and preferences.
  • Bespoke or display? At Monty Adams, we offer a variety of ready to wear Eternity Rings that come with full warranty, repairs, and maintenance. We also customise base on your specific requirements and budget.

Why Monty Adams Custom Made Eternity Rings?

With us, you directly talk to a dedicated jeweller who will customise your Eternity Ring. Our expert jewellers will show you the different Eternity Rings we have on display and how we can adjust your choice to suit your taste. If you prefer a ring made from scratch, we will take the time to understand your specific requirements, and explain how long the creation will take and how much is the estimated cost.

Monty Adams Jewellery and Concierge is an award-winning private jeweller in Sydney who customises beautiful diamond Eternity Rings.


Are Eternity Wedding Rings customisable?

Absolutely! We can customise an eternity ring in a truly personalised style with a setting, gemstone metal and shape designed just for you. We can create the perfect bespoke eternity ring to treasure for a lifetime for that truly personal, symbolic representation of the love or milestone you share with your partner. 

Do eternity rings have to have diamonds the whole way around?

No, while some opt for the traditional endless design of stones the whole way around, this design is not always practical to wear every day, or affordable. Many women choose a design more in keeping with their wedding ring, with a row of stones across the top half of their ring, or a more modern tiara design to bring in new shapes or setting styles.

Are Eternity Wedding Rings available in different shapes?

Yes, eternity wedding rings are available in a variety of different shaped designs as well as different diamond shapes and sizes. We can custom make the perfect eternity ring in any variety of diamond shape, size, setting style and any accompanying gemstones you desire.

What Setting Style Should I choose for my Eternity Ring?

There are a variety of eternity ring styles available, with popular choices being the classic claw cut to accentuate the size and sparkle of each stone, the pavé set with one or multiple rows, or the bead set style with a perfectly placed row of stones to best show off your existing engagement and wedding ring set. All classic styles that never go out of style. Selecting different-shaped stones can bring a new and unique look to your eternity ring. Explore Princess cut, baguette cut, emerald cut, pear-shaped cut, oval cut or the exotic-looking marquise cut stone. We also offer the most popular eternity ring style, the round brilliant cut, a classic choice that never goes out of style.

Can an eternity wedding ring be sized?

A diamond eternity wedding ring forged from a continuous band of diamonds cannot be resized. However, depending on the style of setting and whether there is space at the base of an eternity ring, it is possible, but diamonds or gemstones may need to be removed. It all depends on the setting, style, and design of your eternity ring. It is always advisable to return the eternity ring to the jeweller who made the ring if it needs resizing as they are best placed to know how the ring can best be altered.

What is the most popular shape of diamond used in an Eternity Wedding Ring?

The most popular diamond for an eternity wedding ring is a round diamond. Although a variety of diamonds and gemstones are used in eternity wedding rings. For a unique, stunningly beautiful design, use a coloured diamond or gemstone such as an emerald, ruby or sapphire in an eternity ring band.

Are Eternity Wedding Rings available with a lifetime warranty?

Yes, we offer special warranties and guarantees with all our eternity wedding engagement rings! Here at Monty Adams, we offer a lifetime warranty on all our products. To us, it’s important that we provide you with the best advice and products that can last a lifetime. What’s more, our warranty covers workmanship. We handpick our Australian-based jewellers to create Australian-made products. As a result, we feel confident in offering our clients a 100% lifetime guarantee and warranty. Check out our video for more information!