Rose gold is a modern and vintage piece at once. Unlike the conventional gold-platinum setting, pure gold is alloyed with copper to produce this beautiful pinkish tone we all adore. The more copper mixed into gold, the rosier it gets.

Seal your eternal commitment with the perfect rose gold engagement ring from Monty Adams. We have a wide selection of rose gold rings that can be textured, beaded, or designed according to your style.

At Monty Adams, we are committed to making your dream engagement come to fruition. We understand that purchasing an elegant engagement ring is just half of the process. This is why our jewellers are more than willing to visit you for a consultation, saving you time and effort. Why not book a consultation today with our qualified and award-winning jewellers?

The beauty of a rose gold engagement ring

Rose gold is fast becoming a popular choice for many brides-to-be. Not only does it look great on all skin tones but the warmth of copper gives the ring a more feminine look. It’s subtle and rosy-perfect for those with classic or glamorous tastes. Most importantly, rose gold is a durable metal. It won’t tarnish and can withstand the wear and tear of daily life.

Rose Gold Engagement Ring Sydney

Rose Gold is Universal

The rosy colour looks great on all skin tones. From dark to light, it naturally complements just about every finger. Plus, it appeals to all ages.

Unique Choice

If your partner is into fashion-forward things and is always on trend, rose gold is your friend. It can be a tricky move but it will surely make her blush!


White or brown diamonds contrast well with rose gold. You can combine it with almost anything—from gemstones to fancy coloured diamonds, it will look good when paired with whatever accents you like.  

Soft Feminine Beauty

We all know that pink is a feminine colour. But the warmth of copper gives your ring a more feminine look. It’s subtle and rosy–perfect for the modern classic or glamorous style.


Finding a beautiful and affordable engagement ring is challenging. Fortunately, rose gold offers both worlds. Copper is relatively cheaper than the usual silver and platinum setting. Get her that ring without breaking the bank!


Copper is a durable metal. It does not tarnish and can withstand the wear and tear of daily life. However, due to overuse, it might soon develop a partina (blue and greenish layer on the band of the ring) which is commonly seen in copper.

But if your significant other loves antique, she would love the vintage effect of copper caused by partina. It gives the ring an antique look that comes with time. But if she’s not a fan, you can always take it to a jeweller for a nice polishing.

Rose Gold Unique Engagement Ring

A Brief History of Rose Gold

This sophisticated metal has ancient roots dated back in the 19th century. Originally coined as the Russian Gold, it was first used in Russia by Carl Fabergé (a renowned jeweller to Russian emperors) in his ornate decorative egg creations. Since then, the popularity of rose gold has waxed and waned throughout the country and the world.

Today, the tradition continues. Many designers are rediscovering rose gold hues and incorporating them into their creations. This on-trend, vintage alloy makes a stunning contrast when paired with gemstones and diamonds. It is perfect for customers looking for a soft feminine piece as an alternative to a yellow or white gold engagement ring.

Your mobile jewellery concierge at hand

At Monty Adams, we do things a little differently around here. We take the pressure out of helping you find the perfect ring by visiting you at your location and at your desired time to discuss your needs. Here, we’ll discuss your budget and ring style, and present our designs from our exclusive range of rose gold engagement rings.

If a particular style catches your eye, you can amend any part that you desire. From the metal to the diamond cut, shape and size, we are proud to offer a personalised service.

Choosing the Perfect Rose Gold Engagement

On average, men spend at least three months researching for a ring before they actually buy it. However, if your significant other wants to be part of the process, let them be. It lessens the pressure and guesswork!

But if you want to take the high road and surprise her, you better make it perfect! Most women love the traditional way and there’s nothing more unforgettable than saying yes to the man they love with a perfectly fit ring. Here are the decisions ahead of you and tips how to make them:


1 – Set Your Budget

While hearing her say YES is priceless, money plays a role in determining the perfect ring. It also helps you narrow down your choices. It also allows you to maximize your options when it comes to colour, ring designs, and metal characteristics. You don’t need to set a hard-and fast rule, just a range where you are comfortable.


2 – Choose a Ring Style

For guidance, start considering her personal style—what she wears or the activities she’s into. This will help you decide if they’d prefer a modern, blingy, or a combination of the two.


3 – Choose a Precious Metal

This may be the most difficult part. Is she hinting a white gold ring or she’s gearing towards the rose gold tone? To get a sense of what type she’d prefer, pay attention to the jewellery she wears.

It is important to note that the colour of the metal you choose affects how the diamonds and stones would appear. For instance, if you pick a rose gold metal, you should accent it with yellow-toned diamonds or gemstones with warm tones.


Consider a custom-made rose gold engagement ring

A ring means so much more when it’s one of a kind. Why not add a personal touch to your engagement ring? Our master jewellers at Monty Adams are dedicated artists who can bring life to your designs. We’ll provide you with a sketch based on your ideas and create them according to your specifications.

Whether you want a simple style or a piece with diamond accents, you can rest easy knowing your ring is exquisite as your loved one. Skip the run-of-the-mill generic engagement rings and start creating your masterpiece today. We have designed many pieces over the years including engagement rings in Sydney, engagement rings in Melbourne and Brisbane. Some of our most requested pieces include rose gold vintage engagement rings, halo engagement rings and solitaire engagement rings. When it comes to your engagement ring, you are only limited by your imagination.

Trust our expert and award-winning jewellers to turn your dream engagement ring into a reality. Book your appointment today by filling out our contact form.

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What Gemstones Suit Rose Gold?

Rose gold looks fabulous with coloured gemstones, especially pink gemstones such as morganite, pink diamonds, pink tourmaline and pink sapphires for an elegant and romantic feminine palette. Opals and soft, sheeny pearls are a popular choice when combined with pink gemstones and a rose gold setting for a delicate, feminine and ultimate vintage statement. Rose gold also looks stunning with white, yellow, grey and black gemstones but can also pair well with many colours, such as teal, rosewater, lilac, cream, white and baby blue.

Rose gold also looks fabulous with many coloured gemstones, including blue and coloured sapphires. The transition from metal to jewel and the complimentary hues create intrigue and add a story of both colours combining, layering and marrying together to create a symphony of the unique.

What Diamond Shape Is Best For Rose Gold?

Radiant and cushion-cut diamonds are the best and most popular diamond shapes for rose gold engagement rings. Cushion cut and radiant cuts faceting patterns reflect the light and enhance the saturation and colour of the rose gold beautifully. On the other hand, step cut, Asscher and emerald cut should be avoided with rose gold. This is because step-cut diamonds are held closer to the metal and draw their light and sparkle from the pavilion (bottom) of the gemstone and reflect the rosy tones in a rose gold setting. Therefore the diamond will appear to have a lower colour grade than it has due to the step cut, Asscher or emerald cut shape.

Is rose gold engagement rings durable?

Rose gold is not soft and is very durable. Rose gold is stronger, more sustainable and more durable than yellow or white gold but not as strong as platinum. Rose Gold is created by mixing gold with copper alloys, as pure gold (24-carat gold) is too soft. The Frankenstein hybrid of pure gold and copper alloy rose gold has an ultimately stronger backbone than gold and has a beautiful pink-to-reddish hue. The strength and shade/hue of rose gold depends on the amount of copper alloy used. Rose good is a fantastic affordable alternative to white gold for wearers with a nickel allergy. The rose gold metal’s hardness is measured by the ‘Vickers scale’. With proper care, a rose gold engagement ring can last for many years due to its high purity, which is durable and resistant to wear and tear. As rose gold is less prone to damage compared to white or yellow gold, it can be worn daily. Rose gold does not tarnish and does not require any additional plating layers that other gold variations often do.

Is rose gold good for an engagement?

Rose gold is a fantastic choice for an engagement ring. Rose gold has a vintage, antique appeal that pairs great with other metals and a variety of gemstones. They are unique and extraordinary to stand out from the crowd and add originality to your engagement ring and design. Rose gold elegantly dances between the line of timeless beauty and the latest fashion trend, having risen in popularity in recent years. Rose gold is the perfect marriage of classics and modernity with romantic, elegant and stylish soft pink hues. Its traditional and antique look subtly nods to a glamourous, passionate, long, forgotten era and yet is delicate as not to date the ring. It is a modern, original and prized addition to any engagement ring design for a wearer that longs for a ring that’s distinguished from the rest.

Is a rose gold engagement ring expensive?

No, a rose gold engagement ring is not immediately a higher price point because of the colour. It can be a cheaper option when maintenance is considered into the price: Your rose gold engagement ring will retain its shine for at least 20 years from making.