Jewellery Remodelling

Transform your old family heirlooms or remodel your engagement ring with our premium jewellery remodelling service.

Remodelling a family jewellery or an heirloom piece to create new bespoke engagement rings or wedding bands is becoming a trend. You may have a jewellery box at home filled with old rings and jewellery pieces you haven’t worn for a long time. Don’t keep them hidden from the world – instead, restore their beauty in a new and modern design, so you can show them off with pride.


People all over Sydney have come to us with requests to have their jewellery remodelled. Just a few of their important reasons include:

  • Old, inherited jewellery that carries sentimental value but is not to their exact taste
  • A gemstone or diamond that lacks the features they like
  • Customising the piece (this occurs particularly with remodelling an engagement ring, where the receiver was not involved in the selection)
  • Adding value

Whether you wish to change the shape, size, cut or weight, entrust Monty Adams to redesign or remodel your jewellery.

jewellery remodelling


Our professional jewellers will first assess your old jewellery piece for any possible risks. Some precious metals cannot be melted and reused. Not all gemstones can be reused and reset due to damage acquired over time. Our jewellery concierge will inform and advise you on any risks before we move on to remodelling your jewellery piece. This way, you are ensured your jewellery piece is safe from any potential damages. We aim to give your jewellery piece utmost care to preserve its sentimental value.

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Tastes and trends constantly evolve and fine jewellery which were stunning years ago may look outdated today. Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge works with you in remodelling your old jewellery piece to make them look brand new. We recreate and redesign your jewellery based on your ideas and requirements. Our team creates something completely new and unique from your old or broken jewellery pieces. Brand new earrings from an old necklace or a redesigned wedding ring, for example. Our jewellery concierges can turn something old-fashioned to a more exquisite fine jewellery piece you can wear for years to come.

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jewellery remodelling
jewellery remodelling


Remodelling heirloom pieces to create new pieces engraves a deep sentimental value on your jewellery – different love stories passed from generation to generation. Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge can bring the old precious metal, diamonds and gemstones of your heirloom piece to their former glory. We can even remodel an engagement ring to suit your preferred taste.

Our jewellery professionals will redesign and personally handcraft your piece to give it a more stylish and contemporary look to perfectly match your style and preference. Celebrate a new milestone in your love story with a sentimental and classic family heirloom, remodelled to last forever.


Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge is a team of GIA certified Applied Jewellery Professionals with years’ worth of experience in the industry. Experience our bespoke jewellery and remodelling services wherever you are in Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast and Wollongong. We are mobile jewellers who travel to meet you in your preferred location and schedule. Through one-on-one consultations, we will discuss your jewellery remodelling requirements. You will have your own jewellery concierge who will personally work on remodelling your piece. Our jewellery expert will redesign and remodel your old piece into something new and stunning you will surely love.

Choose Monty Adams for all your jewellery needs. In addition to remodelling engagement rings and redesigning wedding rings, we also offer precision jewellery repairs.

jewellery remodelling



The cost of jewellery remodelling varies from $500 to $2000+ and is based on diamonds cut, carats, clarity and band metals or the number of diamonds added. Extra costs incur when remodelling you’re piece of old, unworn or sentimental and inherited jewellery to create a new bespoke piece and to truly make it your own. The more you add, customise and remodel the higher the cost.

Yes, you can have old jewellery made into new, the process is called remodelling. You can have your old jewellery redesigned and remodelled to match your current tastes. When a ring gets worn, dull or tired you can change the band or update some of the gemstones or diamonds to remodel your old ring and create a bespoke, customised and revised piece. It is important to keep the charm and sentimental value of an inherited piece, but remodelling your jewellery or a piece you have inherited, is a great investment in turning an unused tired piece into a gem you will enjoy wearing.

Ring maintenance is very important and so is updating, repairing and remodelling your ring to keep it in the best shape and ensure it stands the test of time.

Jewellery remodelling is the process of creating or customising a piece of jewellery, inherited or of sentimental value, and tailoring, modifying and adapting it to suit your style. A ring that is remodelled can be passed down through the generations as an heirloom, adding pieces of history with every hand it passes. Jewellery remodelling has become a very popular alternative to buying a new engagement ring, with family engagement rings passing down the generations. We all know that sometimes when we receive something that has been pre-worn or designed for someone else, it does not quite ‘fit’ both physically and metaphorically, with jewellery remodelling you can get a ring that fits you and your style by updating its setting, material, stones to truly make it your own.

Jewellery remodelling works by a jeweller taking your ring or jewellery designs and creating a bespoke piece from a piece of jewellery you have already acquired. The jewellery specialist can then craft a bespoke piece using gold, silver, or any band material and diamond or gemstone choice, along with any setting or style to enhance your jewellery and make it one-of-a-kind.

Jewellery remodelling generally takes around 4-8 weeks from the time the design is agreed upon, although the duration varies depending on a variety of factors such as design complexity, diamond or gemstone placement or stock, the intricacies of the setting, the number of diamonds or gemstones added, any additional design elements added after the design completion.