Every piece of jewellery holds value that one cannot simply replace. At Monty Adams, we know that each ring, bracelet or necklace has stories to tell—and this has inspired us to provide quality jewellery repairs that not only restore significant pieces but as well as their memories.

Our team believes that each project deserves complete attention from consultation to completion. We ensure everything is done with precision by employing technicians who are trained to care for intricate pieces that need special attention.

Meticulous jewellery repairs for Sydney

Whether you’ve noticed a loose stone on your ring or the clasp isn’t closing on your necklace, let our professional technicians assess the situation to find the best way to repair it.

Simply call us and we’ll be there at your doorstep. Our mobile jewellers offer jewellery consultation on-site. We will evaluate your jewellery and then provide you with solutions that suit your needs and budget.

We offer the following jewellery repair services in Sydney: 

Ring Resizing

Do you have a ring that no longer fits? Or perhaps you need an heirloom ring resized? Whatever your reasons are, we can adjust it to fit your finger perfectly and comfortably. 

Chain Repair

The chain of your jewellery holds everything in place. This part of jewellery is the most exposed to the daily wear and tear and is more prone to breakage. When this happens, you need a specialised repair specialist to re-join your piece.

Rhodium Plating

If your white gold ring has lost its lustre, it might be time to have it rhodium plated at Monty Adams. You’ll be surprised at how your well-loved piece looks after the process!

What is Rhodium?

A member of the platinum group, rhodium is a precious element that is highly breakable. When used to plate metals, it acts as a protective barrier against dings and scratches. It also increases shine, lustre, and light reflection which creates a mirror-like finish. 

How Does Rhodium Plating Work?

The process involves a series of procedures. First, the jewellery goes through a thorough cleaning and is then dipped into a solution. Once done, the rhodium will then be fused into the metal. If done carelessly, the plating will turn black. 

How Long Does Rhodium Plating Last?

The plating will wear off over time but that depends on its thickness. How you take care of your piece also plays a big role in keeping it flawless. If the jewellery is constantly getting scratched or colliding with other objects, it will fade sooner. Ask our technicians how to maintain the lustre of your rhodium-plated jewellery.  

Charm Soldering

Soldering a charm that has fallen off the chain can make or break your favourite piece. Doing it comes with practice and skills—or you might risk completely ruining the whole piece. Get it soldered by a professional from Monty Adams. We use different techniques to ensure the charm is seamlessly attached to the jewellery piece without damaging the stone and other embellishments. 

Watch Repair

Keeping you on time is our priority. Our watch repair specialists are dedicated to bringing your timepiece in its pristine condition. We also create custom Swiss Watches for any occasion. 

Re-tipping and Claw Repair

Claws hold the stones on your ring or pendant. We recommend you have your claws re-tipped when you detect even a slight roughness or sharpness on one of its edges. When left unnoticed, it could make the stone loose or fall out of its claws. 

Stone Replacement

By using cutting-edge tools and techniques, we can easily remove stones and replace it with your desired replacement piece. We accept services for earrings, pendants, and rings that need stone replacement. 

Clasp Fitting

Don’t throw away that bracelet with a broken clasp, replace it! Most types of clasps can be easily replaced and attached seamlessly onto your necklace or bracelet. We have a selection of clasps that come in different styles and sizes.  

Polishing and Finishing

Family heirlooms and antique jewellery benefit the most from this service. We restore the shine and sparkle of your pieces by removing deep-seated dirt and grime which make the jewellery dull and look old. 


Let us help you determine the true value of your assets. Every valuation is regarded with utmost confidentiality and carried out in security. This could be done for the sole purpose of valuation or for family settlement.

We also provide GIA certificates when you purchase a diamond that has been graded by the Gemological Institute of America, the world’s most trusted name in diamond grading.   

Insurance Replacement Certificates

By adding an extra layer of protection to your most valuable possessions, you can rest easy knowing that you can be compensated when such an unfortunate event takes place. We offer insurance policies that are backed by award-winning insurance firms.

For all your jewellery remodelling and repair needs in Sydney, turn to Monty Adams. All meetings are by appointment only, so please submit an enquiry and we will respond as soon as possible.