Gay, Lesbian, & Same Sex Engagement Rings

Celebrate the pride of every milestone and the beauty of every form of love with our high-quality same-sex marriage rings. Everyone has a story of passion and courage meant to be honoured and shared. At Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge, we create and design rings to perfectly match your love story.

Our service takes on a consultative approach. We listen to your ideas and plans in order to create the most ideal wedding ring for you. Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge is the unique jewellery experience. We will come to you, design and create your engagement rings and deliver them by hand. Experience our expert and award-winning service within your comfort and convenience.

lgbt rings


Celebrating YES! Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge specialises in custom-made engagement rings for any occasion.

All our rings are custom made, you choose your own ring design, the fitting metal band and the most precious diamonds or gemstones. Tell us your ideas and inspirations for the design and your allotted budget and schedule. It is an honour and privilege to create the perfect ring to symbolise your boundless love and pride.

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The design of your ring reflects your personality and lifestyle. Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge offers a wide selection of ring designs you can choose from – simple, elegant, fancy, modern and more. You can modify your chosen design with the metal band and centre stone of your choice.

We also offer you the chance to personally design your ring. You can go as extravagant or as classic as you want. Our team will guide you in creating and sketching the LGBT ring design to perfectly match you or your loved one. Give your ring a personal touch and make it even more special.

lgbt rings
lgbt rings


Take pride in your rings with our world-class diamonds and gemstones. Monty Adams Jeweller Concierge has a wide selection of premium coloured gemstones and diamonds you can choose from. Our diamonds are individually and carefully picked from the world’s biggest diamond sources and quality-tested and graded by GIA.

Different colours of high-quality diamonds and gemstones are available if you decide on going with a colourful ring design. We also have varieties of precious rare metals for your band – yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum. Your ring is intricately hand-made by our award-winning jewellers and hand-delivered to you once done.

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Our team is composed of GIA certified and award-winning jewellers with years worth of experience in the industry. Our jewellery experts are your own personal jewellers.We have designed many pieces over the years, including engagement rings in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We are committed to creating you the perfect ring you will love.

Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge will work closely with you in creating the ring you’ve always wanted. Schedule a one-on-one consultation with our approachable jewellery concierges. We listen to your ideas and concerns and provide you with suggestions and solutions to give you the fun and satisfactory bespoke ring experience you deserve.

lgbt rings