Diamond Engagement Rings.

You want your proposal to be a once-in-a-lifetime, unforgettable moment. Monty Adams is an award-winning service which walks you through every step of the way in designing a diamond engagement ring in Sydney with your personal jewellery concierge.

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Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold engagement rings are a graceful celebration of romance and have observed development in popularity in recent years.

top view of a rose gold diamond star-like halo engagement ring with a number of side and accent stones

Round Cut Rose Gold Engagement Ring

From $3000


Top view of a rose gold clover shaped pave halo engagement ring in three row bands with set of smaller diamonds

Diamond center stone with four side stones Rose Gold Engagement Ring

From $3500


Two rose gold halo engagement rings with a diamond center stone on one ring and intricate designs on each band

Rose Gold Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

From $3000


top view of a rose gold diamond round halo engagement ring

Rose Gold Round Cut Halo Engagement Ring

From $3500


Pink diamond Solitaire

Pink Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Unrivalled as the most popular engagement setting, this versatile and practical cut couples beautifully with most engagement ring bands particularly white diamond engagement rings. The solitaire engagement ring style is an elegant, timeless engagement ring.

The simple elegant, minimal presence of metal and metal claw showcases the single diamond and highlights and enhances its brilliance, prominence and magnificence. The traditional setting allows for customisation, personalisation, and versatility and suits a variety of vintage, classic or modern styles.


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a single solitaire diamond ring held by six prong in a gold ring metal

A Single Solitaire Diamond Ring

From $2500


Marquis Diamond Solitaire Ring

Marquis Diamond Solitaire Ring

From $2500


Modern setting solitaire engagement ring in white gold

Modern Setting Solitaire Ring

From $2800


Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings are some of the most stunning pieces available and allow brides-to-be to fully customize their perfect engagement rings.

top view of a white gold diamond halo engagement ring surrounded by clover shaped diamonds also on each shoulder

Thick band White gold Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

From $4000


Front view of laying clover shaped pave halo engagement ring in three row bands with set of smaller diamonds in yellow gold

Laying Yellow Gold Pave Halo Engagement Ring

From $3500


a petite white gold diamond halo engagement ring surrounded by smaller diamonds on each of the split shanks

Petite White Gold Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

From $3500


a thick band yellow gold diamond halo engagement ring surrounded by smaller diamonds also on each shoulder

Front Yellow Gold Halo Engagement Ring

From $4000



Blue Sapphire Twisted Vine Engagement Rings

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphires bring grace and elegance to every jewellery piece that they grace, and they can please anyone with their striking range of colours. The best blue sapphire set in the most ideal metal band makes the perfect sapphire engagement ring for you. 


Australian Sapphire Engagement Rings

Australian Sapphire Engagement Rings

From $3000


Blue Sapphire Luxe Engagement Ring

Blue Sapphire Luxe Engagement Ring

From $3000



Three Stone Sapphire Engagement Ring

From $3300


Oval Cut Engagement Rings

This elegant and timeless cut has seen recent development in popularity since its inception during the turn of the 20th Century. Experience award-winning craftsmanship with an oval-cut diamond ring as bespoke as your engagement.


Oval Trilogy Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

From $3300



Oval Halo Pave Engagement Rings

From $3000



Oval Ruby and Diamond Trilogy Engagement Rings

From $4000



Oval Single Halo Engagement Rings

From $3000


A round shape diamond ring in a split shank setting with set of small diamonds in a row

Prong Round Split Shank Engagement Ring

From $3200


Round Cut Engagement Rings

Undeniably the most iconic, with a traditional, elegant, and popular shape, the classic round cut diamonds are exceptionally radiant diamonds that, radiate timeless beauty.

Synonymous with elegance, simplicity, and everlasting character with their symmetrical, clean design, the dispersion of slight cuts, and faceting pattern, while not as deep as other gemstone cuts, disperses the light showcasing and enhancing the diamond making it look bigger and more brilliant.

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Round Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Round Cut Halo Engagement Ring

From $3000


Top view of yellow gold round cut diamond ring with heart shaped prongs and intricate design on band

Yellow Gold RoundCut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

From $3000


Wedding set of a round halo engagement ring in a plain band and a wedding band with row of small diamonds on upper part of the shank in pink gold

Rose Gold Round Halo Engagement Ring

From $3000


Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings

These classic pear-cut engagement rings graced the fingers of brides-to-be for centuries age, and it has continued to sustain its popularity for centuries that followed.

Pear solitaire

Pear Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

From $2500



Oval and Pear Sapphire Trilogy Engagement Ring

From $3300


Pear Shaped Double Halo Engagement Ring

From $4000


White gold pear-shaped zircon ring in a split shank setting

White gold Pear-shaped Zircon Ring

princess cut emerlad

Princess Cut Emerald Engagement Ring

Princess Cut Engagement Rings

A Princess Diamond Cut suits and matches almost any ring setting making it customizable and unique to the buyer.

The most popular contemporary style of engagement ring, distinguished by its all-square diamond, stepped and multiple brilliant cuts, and light-catching geometric-style facets. Its architectural lines and symmetrical and structurally balanced appearance create a distinctive modern yet timeless striking beauty and depth of sparkle.

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Princess Cut Trilogy Diamond Engagement Ring

Princess cut halo diamond enagement rings

Princess Cut White Gold Halo Engagement Ring

Princess ciut engagement ring with gold band

Princess Cut Engagement Ring With Gold Band

Diamond Set Band (Pavé) Engagement Rings

Create a band of opulence and sparkle
Diamond band engagement ring settings (Pavé) are close set small, with several gemstones or diamonds in a shared claw settling accentuating the beauty of the main, centre stone. 
 To achieve an aesthetically beautiful, neat overall look, buyers often choose a silver or white gold band, which assists with the bead, diamond and stone settings and provides a visually pleasing band of sparkle. The minimal metal or prongs visibility adds and accommodate the overall beauty, look and brilliance. The continuous scintillation of the additional diamonds presents the illusion that the diamonds are larger and more plentiful offering exuberance in a classic, streamlined and definitive way. Traditional diamond bands are more difficult to resize, therefore it is imperative that you get a customised ring size fitting when considering this setting. Due to the setting and the many small diamonds, the ring can be harder to clean and less durable. Therefore, we recommend you use a professional ring cleaning service.

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Diamond Pave Engagement Ring


Oval Diamond Pave Engagement Ring

Diamond Pave Halo Engagement Ring

Wedding set of round halo diamond ring with milgrain design and a diamond wedding band in white gold

Round Cut Diamond Pave Engagement Ring

Vintage emerald cut diamond engagement Ring

Solitaire Emerald Cut Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings

Emeralds work with a wide range of settings, designs and are highly versatile. An Emerald-Cut Engagement ring flaunts brilliant green hues and stepped, elongated, rectangular and chiselled cuts and can be used in modern, vintage or art deco style and traditional rings.

Its striking appearance and straight linear facets allows for impressive and satisfying symmetry with an open style which symbolizes personal clarity and an open heart. The cropped corners improve gemstone stability and they are a perfect pairing to Pavé engagement ring settings and solitaire settings.

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Emerald Cut White Gold Halo Engagement Ring

9CT Yellow Gold 0.25ct Diamond & Created Emerald Ladies Ring - Monty Adams

Emerald Green Diamond Engagement Ring

18CT Yellow Gold 0.17ct Diamond & Emerald Ladies Ring - Monty Adams

Emerald Gemstone Engagement Ring


Rose Gold Trilogy Engagement Ring

Trinity or Three Stone Trilogy Engagement Rings

A trinity or three stone engagement ring setting features three diamonds or gemstones, traditionally with a larger centre stone and smaller gemstones or diamonds on each side, enhancing the appearance and brilliance of the centre stone.

The three stones symbolically represents the past, present and future and signifies fidelity and love in your marriage. The versatility of the setting allows for customisation, personalisation and creativity allowing for contrasts and variations in stones such as emeralds, diamonds, rubies and sapphires. A trinity stone works best with princess cut or round stones. When choosing the side stones you must consider asymmetry, size and appearance to ensure no distraction from the main, centre stone and the overall clarity, colour and cut of the stones to ensure a neat, perfectly cohesive appearance.

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Round Cut Three Stone Engagement Ring


Emerald Trilogy Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Princess Cut Trilogy Engagement Ring

Yellow diamond & Canary Diamond or Coloured Gemstone Engagement Rings

Yellow and canary diamond engagement rings are both striking rare and vibrant. These rings offer an opportunity for a truly personalised and creative engagement ring.

The distinctive characteristics compared to a traditional white diamond offer a powerful, distinguished statement and offers a vibrancy and uniqueness with its rare, rich and opulent colours. Its bright,powerful presence is symbolic of the warmth and passion you share with your loved one. Yellow or canary diamonds are priced and graded on colour intensity making them one-of-a-kind, rare and exceptionally valuable.

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Red Diamond Trilogy Engagement Ring

green diamond

Green Diamond Trilogy Engagement Ring

Emerald cut halo engagement ring with pink diamond as center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds

Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

yellow diamond

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

top view of a white gold diamond halo engagement ring with a number of side and accent stones

Round Cut White Gold Engagement Ring

White Gold Engagement Rings

White gold engagement rings are a contemporary, popular choice of metal for both men and women. The silver-like appearance provides a timeless look and a neutral colour for various style settings. Its rich, polished, gloss surface reflects and accentuates the main centre diamond, enhancing and amplifying its brilliance.

White gold is a durable and stronger alternative to yellow gold and is superior to other comparable engagement ring metals with its perfect blend of purity and strength. The ideal mixture of metals including pure gold, palladium and silver, while its hard element rhodium plating affords it a reflective, silvery hue making it durable, scratch and tarnish resistant, meaning it is likely to age better than yellow gold.

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top view of a white gold diamond halo engagement ring surrounded by smaller diamonds

Round Cut Trilogy White Gold Engagement Ring

top view of a petite white gold diamond halo engagement ring gripped by 6 white gold prongs surrounded by smaller diamonds on each side of the shoulder

Round Cut White Gold Halo Engagement Ring

White gold diamond with heart shape prongs and channel set of diamonds on upper shank

Round Brilliant Cut White Gold Halo Engagement Ring

Looking for a custom design?

After selecting your ideal features, the collaborated design will be constructed, bringing your idea to life in a realistic example. With your final approval and review, our master jeweller will go forth using precision and skill, delicately crafting your custom engagement ring to the highest of standards and bringing it to life.


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Engagement Ring Trends 2022

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What is the average cost of a diamond engagement ring?

There are no set rules for how much to spend on an engagement ring and engagement rings greatly vary in price. According to a 2022 Australian wedding industry report the average cost of a diamond engagement ring is $5500. .

How Much Should I Spend on Engagement Rings?

An estimate of the average cost of a diamond ring in Australia for 2022 is $5506. This is estimated using the average cost of engagement rings in 2019 of $5297.50 (DiamondPort survey) and the average cost of diamond rings in 2020 at $5367, with an overall $69.50 increase per year.  

 At Monty Adams, we believe that the true value of an engagement ring is what it represents, although during the selection process it is important to ensure budget is considered before entering the buying process. 

A budget narrows down the spectrum of possibilities and ensures you are shown and guided towards rings, gemstones and diamonds that are affordable for you, making the process simpler, personable and fun. 

The price of your engagement ring will vary greatly dependant on design, diamond or gemstone choice and metal selection. Ultimately, you create the budget and then you are guided to what suits your budget and personal circumstances, whilst taking into consideration you and your partners preferences. 

Monty Adams offers a truly customised, personal service that provides choice and guidance throughout all the selection and buying process, offering a variety of rings to match varied budgets and circumstances. We also offer flexible payment options, including ZIP and Afterpay. 

Do you offer warranty on your rings?

We offer a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee. We will fix any problems with the item that occur due to manufacturing fault. (Excludes wear and tear).*

What areas do your offer your service to?

We are a national business, proudly servicing clients across Australia from the tip of the Northern Territory to the hills of Tasmania. We have a physical presence on the East coast in Sydney and Southern Queensland. In areas without access to physically meet one of our friendly concierges we are well equipped to offer consultation over a virtual meeting or via a simple phone call. In these strange times where contact free is the new normal we actively encourage our customers and our staff to maintain the highest level of regard for personal safety, and are encouraged by the growth in our customers adopting video consultations as their preferred contact method!

What is the average ring size in Australia?

For women, the average ring size in Australia in N or O. For Men, the average ring size in Australia is T or U. The ring size system is alphabetically based starting with size A and Ending with size ZA. The ring size in Australia includes half sizes. Australian ring sizes differ from America, Asia and parts of Europe. Always check you and your partners ring size by using a ring size guide or visiting a jewellers who can help. Monty Adams offers a measurement and guidance service.

How many carats should an engagement ring be in Australia?

The most popular and desired carat size in Australia is 1.0, 1.25 and 1.5.The best and ideal carat size varies on many factors. The best carat size for you is dependent on your budget, style and setting size. There are a large variety and range of carat sizes in Australia.  We always recommend having a budget in mind when selecting your diamond and carat size, as the carat size varies on quality and weight.  Lifestyle must also be taken into account when choosing the carat size, as larger carats may be restrictive for a more active lifestyle and could cause damage. Therefore you may choose a smaller setting or diamond depending on personal circumstances. 


What carat size will fit my finger?

A carat size is dependant on your finger size, to ensure comfort, balance and suitability.  The smaller the finger the larger the diamond will appear, therefore you may wish to choose smaller style that compliments a smaller hand and fingers. 

How do I choose the perfect engagement ring in Sydney/Melbourne?

We can guide you and advise you on the types of gemstones, bands and engagement rings available is a great start. With a many different factors to choose from it is important to consider what you want your engagement ring to say and what your partner desires. Several characteristics can help determine what the best option for your special someone; budget, diamond size, band style, settings and purpose. Monty Adams offers award-winning service which walks you through every step of the way from start to finish, to help design your dream piece of jewellery with your personal concierge 

Do couples go engagement ring shopping together?

Yes, research shows that Sixty-two per cent of couples go ring shopping together and often buy matching bridal sets (matching engagement ring and wedding band). An advantage of this is to ensure the two match and complement each other and you both get what you want and desire.

What are bridal sets?

Bridal sets consists of an engagement ring and wedding ring that are designed together to create a perfect fit. A bridal set fit together seamlessly and usually match metal colours. An advantage of shopping together and matching your bridal sets is that it ensures the two match and complement each other.

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