Bespoke wedding rings for Sydney couples

Design your perfect ring with the award-winning services of Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge. We’ll work with you to create a piece that you’ll be able to wear with pride.

Every wedding ring is entirely unique and handcrafted based on your custom design requirements, pictures, ideas and budget. At Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge, we work with you to create the bespoke wedding ring you’ve always wanted using any precious metal and your choice of diamond or coloured gemstone.

All our jewellery is designed and handcrafted in Australia using only the highest quality rare metals and ethically sourced diamonds carefully selected from our international suppliers.

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Personalised wedding rings to reflect your taste

Experience our friendly service and the exceptional quality of our custom diamond rings, which come with a lifetime warranty. As you are buying directly from our jewellery studio at our workshop prices, you get real value for money.

We have helped many couples design their own wedding rings and our portfolio is a testament to the sky’s the limit. From choosing the metal, such as platinum wedding rings and rose gold wedding rings through to the gemstone of choice – whether sapphire, diamond or any other stone – we can bring your personalised wedding ring dreams to life.

Men’s wedding rings and wedding bands

Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge also specialises in personalised men’s wedding rings in Sydney. We can make your men’s wedding band into any precious metal including white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum, and with a wide range of diamonds and coloured gemstones. We can work off your own ideas, pictures or designs and our jewellers can create sketches of various design options for you.

For your one-on-one consultation with our jewellery designers, please contact Monty Adams today.

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Create a custom wedding ring as unique as your love.

Our Custom wedding ring is set with diamonds on a gold or platinum band, but if you’re looking for a band as unique as your love story, speak to the expert jewellery concierge at Monty Adams. Be inspired by our designs to create your own unique wedding ring, matched to your colours and taste.

If you’re looking for only the finest jewellery, explore our wide range of some of the most popular styles of wedding rings that we have to offer. We also sell loose diamonds and coloured gemstones at wholesale prices, providing you the best for your budget.

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What does a custom-made wedding ring cost in Sydney?

A custom wedding ring can cost between $500 to $15000 or more, but significantly varies depending on design complexities, carat, metal and stones. A custom jeweller will factor all your desires and needs into the budget. 

How long does it take to make a custom-designed wedding ring? 

We invite our clients to begin working with us at least 12 weeks before the wedding, or earlier if time allows. Being such a special occasion, we want to ensure our couples can take their time with the design process, choosing their special personalisation and considering their metal, stone, and budget options. Once the final selections have been completed, allow 4 – 6 weeks for the rings to be made. This still gives us plenty of time to have the wedding rings personally delivered to you, well before the big day! 

Why should I choose a custom-designed wedding ring?

Unlike mass-produced rings, a custom ring is unique, one-of-a-kind and a symbol of your love for your beloved and their style. The design elements and personalised choices add to the beauty and overall charm of a custom-designed wedding ring and is a great way to express your commitment and devotion to your marriage and your loved one. 

How do I choose a custom wedding ring design?

You can choose a custom wedding ring design by considering the look you’re after, your lifestyle, whether you want to wear it every day and the budget you have in mind. The wedding ring design must represent your style and the love you feel for your partner while complementing your hand profile.  

For example, do you want the ring to be minimalist and classic or fancy with a choice of diamond or coloured gemstones? Whether you already have your own images and inspiration, or you would like to try on our sample rings to help narrow down your favourite design elements, we can walk you through the design process step by step and help you bring your ideas to life.   

halo engagement ring that perfectly fits your budget, design.

What metal can I choose for a custom wedding ring? 

You can choose from a wide range of custom wedding ring metals, including Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, and Platinum. Often the wedding ring metal is chosen to match the accompanying engagement ring, if they are to be worn together. If you’re still unsure about the wedding ring metal to choose, explore our wide range of popular styles that we have to offer, or speak with one of our experienced jewellery Concierges to discuss which metal might best suit your design choice or lifestyle.  

Does Halo make diamond look bigger?

Yes, A halo ring makes a diamond looks bigger as it features a beautiful, brilliant cut centre diamond surrounded by a smaller stunning collection of sparkling pave diamonds or gemstones encircling the centre stone enhances its size and brilliance. The halo engagement ring has a thoughtfully-crafted, delicate and intricate style setting allowing for minimal band visibility, letting the stunning centre diamonds to sparkle and dazzle from every angle, in a perfect display of opulence and magnificence. A halo setting can make your diamond look larger than life and is perfect for people who don’t want to buy a bigger or higher carat but still want to shine.  Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge are award-winning jewellers that specialise in custom made engagement rings including Halo rings, that factor in both budget and gemstone/diamond size or carat.

Do I have to come to your studio to buy a custom ring?

No, Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge can travel to you at a time & location of your choice at no charge to discuss your options and help you customise the perfect wedding ring that fits your design, budget and timeline. We’re a completely mobile jeweller who can walk you through every step in designing the dream bespoke custom wedding ring for you. We offer a no follow-through obligation consultation, and our award-winning design services are available to any Sydney-based location, whether it be in your home, work or other location of your choice. 

Looking for a band as unique as your love story? Speak to the expert jewellery concierge at Monty Adams. Be inspired by our designs to create your own unique wedding ring from any wedding ring metal you choose to match your colours, taste and style.