When it comes to engagement rings, you can’t go wrong with diamonds. A diamond engagement ring is an unmistakable symbol of everlasting love. As one of the most flawless and fascinating gem stones on our planet, a diamond signifies commitment, strength, and faith between two people in a loving relationship. So we know that you’re definitely getting a diamond engagement ring for your beloved! 

But what if your bride-to-be wants more than just a diamond on her ring finger? What if her spirit and personality requires more than a singular diamond on her engagement ring to reflect the unique and engaging person she is? What if she just prefers a more colourful array of stones on all of her jewellery?

Well, while diamonds do come in different colours, you could always incorporate more colour into her diamond engagement ring using gemstones! Precious and semi-precious stones come in every colour of the rainbow, but read on to find the 5 most popular gems you can use in your wife-to-be’s engagement ring.

Why you should consider precious gemstones

While an engagement ring that features an array of coloured diamonds would look simply divine, we understand that it might make it a little too costly for most people! Combining coloured gemstones in your engagement ring design will make it a little more affordable while still looking elegant and luxurious. However, we advise that you keep in mind that precious and semi-precious stones come in a range of different price points based on size and shape too, so make sure you set a realistic budget.

Precious gemstones also make for a unique – and often one-of-a-kind – engagement ring, which is perfect for the fashion-forward woman who wants something different! This is especially true if you choose a setting or arrangement that features multiple stones, or different cuts and sizes of the same stone. The addition of coloured stones to an engagement ring also makes a ring look more grand. If your partner is one to make a statement, this is definitely the way to go.

When you look into precious and semi-precious gemstones, you’ll quickly understand that each stone has a specific meaning to it. Sometimes it relates to a specific month, while other times it symbolises a personality trait or spiritual properties. This is something we’ll be discussing further down as well, because it’s a really creative way to add more significant messaging in this already meaningful piece of jewellery. If you find that some stones happen to represent something deep to you or your betrothed, it is definitely worth integrating these stones into your engagement ring design. 

Coloured precious stones can also enhance and amplify the shine and clarity of a diamond stone! A diamond has many facets, and these act like tiny mirrors that function to reflect light. They also happen to reflect details from their surroundings – which can include other stones! A clever way to take advantage of this feature is to use stones with similar hues to enhance the colour of a diamond. So a pink diamond can look more saturated when surrounded by pink stones, for example!

5 types of gemstones to use in an engagement ring


While sapphires are generally recognised as being a blue precious stone, they actually come in numerous other colours including peach, pink, yellow, green, and white! This is a hardy stone, coming in at 9 on the Mohs scale, which symbolises eternal love, just like diamonds do. When paired with diamonds, the brilliance and strength of this combination symbolises the strength of commitment between a couple. 

From a spiritual standpoint, sapphires are said to protect against negative energy and spiritual conflict, while also enhancing health and vitality. It is also the September birthstone, which makes a sapphire engagement ring a wonderful way to symbolise September weddings or to symbolise a loved one’s birth month.


Considered a type of quartz, this gorgeous purple stone looks brilliant in any piece of jewellery! Amethysts score a 7 on the Mohs scale, which means that they’re quite durable. The contrast between diamonds and amethyst stones make it a stunning option for an engagement ring, perfect for a woman who wants to stand out from the crowd.

This bold gemstone comes in varying shades of purple, from soft lilac to deep purple, and looks flattering in just about any cut. As a February birthstone, the amethyst is perfect for those born in February or who are looking to wed around that time. This stone is known to enhance creativity by clearing out distractions in the wearer’s mind. It is also purported to calm and soothe those who view or come in contact with it, which is great in preventing conflict!


Emeralds come in varying shades of green, and may include tinges of yellow or blue. A deep and vibrant green hue is the most valued colour of this stone, however, and is incredibly striking when set with diamonds. Emeralds are often considered as one of the most luxurious precious stones, and its opulence is well-suited to a woman of discerning taste.

This gemstone has been known as a symbol of love and fidelity, and was actually an offering for the ancient Roman goddess of love, Venus! Emeralds are believed to have several spiritual properties, including improving memory and intelligence. It also attracts positive energy, which is a lovely thing to bestow upon your bride-to-be.


Is your future fiancée a hopeless romantic? Then this beautiful red stone might make her swoon! The deep red hue of this gemstone is perfectly complemented by the crisp clarity of diamonds. The garnet is a great alternative to rubies if you’re looking for a more affordable red stone to go with a diamond setting on an engagement ring.

Garnets have special meaning for brides born in January, or a wedding set to happen around that time too, since this stone symbolises the first month of the year. Garnet is said to provide protection and confidence to its wearer, symbolising courage and hope. It also just so happens to enhance romance and intimacy, which is an important sentiment as well!


Opals are a special gemstone simply because no two opals are alike! The various, kaleidoscopic tones throughout this stone make each one unique, just like your beloved. These stones are mostly mined right here in Australia, and come in a few different types, including white or black, which look incredible against brilliant diamonds. At 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale, these are not as tough as other gems and so you need to be careful with how they are treated.

This pearly stone is said to enhance confidence and self-esteem, providing a much needed spiritual boost when your girl may need it. It also fuels love, passion, and desire, which is wonderful to keep the spark going in your relationship! 

Opal is an October birthstone, so it is definitely something to consider for October weddings or to celebrate your partner’s birth month,

Crafting with colour to make your engagement ring shine

Coloured precious stones can be used to complement the diamonds in your engagement ring to create a unique piece of jewellery that suits your sweetheart to a tee. When choosing the appropriate gemstone for any engagement ring, take a moment to understand its meaning, as well as how it will reflect your fiancée’s personality, style, and spirit.

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