Looking to accessorize your wedding dress flawlessly?

In this post, let’s talk about jewellery pairing. It’s one the least talked about subjects when it comes to wedding fashion but we believe it’s an important subject.

We believe there are some rules that every bride should know to look perfect on her wedding day, and that includes wearing the right jewellery.

So, if you need a little help accessorizing, keep reading.

Bride wearing with colorful flower wedding bouquet

Rule #1 Less is more

The first rule is to not go overboard. We understand that it can be easy to load up on diamonds and bling, and it can sometimes outshine you. On your wedding day, if you want to keep the attention to yourself (it’s your wedding, you should be the centre of attention), stay away from big, dramatic pieces and stick with a few key pieces instead.

Rule #2 Match your metals

Choosing the metal of the jewellery you will be wearing for your wedding day is also an important factor. If you can’t decide between silver and gold, the key is to let the colour of your gown guide your direction.

For white gown: A bright, white gown looks the most beautiful with platinum or silver pieces.

For ivory gown: The best metal that matches an ivory wedding dress is gold set jewellery.

For champagne gown: The warm tones of a champagne gown is prettiest with gold jewellery.

For light beige gown: If you’re going for an antique-inspired wedding look, burnished silver with rhinestones will look great on you.

For blush gown: The pink hue of rose gold metal coordinates well with any soft pink bridal jewellery.

Rule #3 Match your décolletage

Your dress neckline plays a role in what type of jewellery you can wear because it helps frame your upper body. To help you choose, here’s a quick guide on how to pair your jewellery according to your décolletage.

Sweetheart or strapless neckline: These two neckline styles are very popular among brides because they frame the body nicely, regardless of a woman’s figure. If you’ve picked a dress that has a sweetheart or a strapless neckline, consider wearing a choker or a shorter necklace.

Another option is to skip the necklace and wear statement earrings instead. You can also play with your hair and pull it neatly off your face and add a few fresh flowers or another simple embellishment. Remember that the focal point is your neckline in this style so don’t hesitate to add a smaller bracelet, a bangle, or a cocktail ring.

V-neck: Contrary to the previously mentioned neckline, this style is made to decorate. With a V-neck, you can layer delicate pieces of shorter necklaces or a beautiful choker. You can pair the necklace with earrings, which could be small or dangling – whichever looks best with your hairstyle.

Rule #4 Be Yourself

We believe that every bride should be comfortable in the dress and accessories she’s in. The most important thing about wedding fashion, is that every piece should be a reflection of the bride. When you feel happy and beautiful with everything that you’re wearing, you will feel confident and look stunning.

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