The Scenario: You’re finally ready to pop the question.

The Problem: How do you get your girl to say “Yes, I’ll marry you”.

Will You Marry Me?” seems like an easy word to say when you have decided to propose to your beloved, but in reality, just thinking about saying it in front of your woman is enough to make you break in cold sweat, much more planning the whole affair and making sure she will love it.

If you are having a hard time planning your proposal, check out the list below and maybe you will find an inspiration.

The Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas

The beach sand was written with "MARRY ME?" beside the sea

  1. Intimate Dinner

A romantic dinner in your favourite restaurant is always a good option. Reserve the whole place or a secluded corner where you can enjoy each other’s company without distraction. Coordinate with the restaurant management to assist you in your plans and hope for the best.

  1. On the beach

If you both love the smell of the sea and the sound of the crashing waves, then a beach proposal is perfect for you. Write the words “Will you be my wife?” on a secluded part of the beach and ask her to take a stroll while the sun is setting down, lead her to the words and ask her. If you plan to do it at night, use candles as props to light her way onto a romantic spot, get down on one knee and ask.

  1. In your backyard

You need not go away or rent a place just to propose. Decorate your backyard and make it look like an outdoor garden, fill it with fairy lights and prepare a sumptuous dinner for the two of you.

  1. In a private garden by the fountain

If you have money to spend then go ahead and splurge. Hire people to design the fountain and surrounding area and make it as magical as possible. You can also hire a violinist, a quartet, or her favourite musician while you dine under the night sky.

  1. Out of town trip for 2

Plan a special trip only for the two of you and secretly prepare your itinerary, including your proposal. If she’s the one always planning your trip, take this time to take the load off her hands so she can fully relax.  Wow her with your skills!


The Unique Marriage Proposal Ideas

A man and a woman hiding behind a tree with a board hanging written with 'Wanna hang with me forever?'

  1. Scavenger Hunt

Like the Easter Egg Hunt game when you are kids, this love scavenger hunt can be pretty fun. Make sure you use words and clues that are memorable to both of you. Start from her house or the place where you plan to meet and leave clues that will lead to you.

  1. A Mini Exhibit

If you love taking photos of her use this chance to show all those photographs and propose to her. Hang her pictures on your room or living room and curate it like those in a real exhibition. Show her that she is the main subject and that you want to spend forever with her.

  1. Scrapbook of Memories

Use your sentimental side to complete the scrapbook of your memories. Paste and decorate movie tickets, candy wrappers, entrance tickets, gift tags, photos, and other memorabilia that you have on a scrapbook. If your girlfriend loves sentimental things too, she will love this sweet gesture.


The Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas

A man wearing a prince custome holding a woman's hand wearing a Snow White custome while standing on a bridge

  1. Fake a photoshoot

You can use a fake photoshoot to lure her and play dress up. Pretend that a friend asks you a favour to model as bride and groom and while in the middle of the shoot go down on one knee and propose.

  1. Costume party

Make your proposal fun and exciting by organising a costume party with friends. Ask them for help and make your beloved’s fairytale dream come true.

  1. Through a music video

Take advantage of the technology we have now by proposing the techie way. Make your own MV or copy one of her favourites and incorporate your own “style”. This one of a kind proposal will make any girls heart flutter.

  1. Rent a billboard

Show your love, be loud and proud. The billboard doesn’t have to be big, but make sure that it is strategically placed where she can see it when she passes by. It can be in front of her house, near her bus stop, or inside her office building.

  1. Flash Mob

Charm your soon to be fiancé with your amazing dancing skills. Plan it with a group of professional dancers, actors, or even family and friends. Make it elaborate, flashy and as captivating as possible. With this kind of proposal, timing is everything!

There are more ways and different marriage proposal ideas on how you can ask her to marry you. Whatever you plan to do, keep in mind that even though action speaks louder than words, your sincere and heartfelt love for one another is the ultimate key to its success.

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