Engagement rings are designed to last for the years to come. To keep yours shiny and sparkly, you should know when to take it off and how to store it. Here are the dos and don’ts on engagement ring care.

Don’t: Remove Your Ring in Public Places

While it’s been said that taking off your engagement band while washing your hands is a must, removing it in public places expose you to the risk of losing it. If you had to, you can put it in a safety velvet pack or throw it on a necklace chain and wear it. This way, you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving your ring on the edge of the sink or dropping it onto the drain.

Do: Refrain from Touching Your Ring’s Centre Stone

Some stones and diamonds attract dust and body oil, so keeping your hands off your lovely centre diamond helps to keep its lustre longer. When taking your ring, grab the band instead of touching the stone itself.

Don’t: Have It Resized More Than Once

engagement ring care

Your finger size would probably swell during pregnancy and you might not be able to wear the ring during this period. Don’t rush to your jeweller and have it resized, chances are, it will fit again after at least six months postpartum.

Don’t: Treat Your Ring with Harsh Chemicals

Bleach and other cleaning agents can ruin your jewellery piece’s colour. Certain chemicals in these cleaning agents make your ring dull and look dull. When doing the laundry, it is recommended to take off your ring to avoid discolouration.

Do: Schedule Regular Maintenance for Your Ring

Just like any precious thing, your engagement band needs upkeep too. Regular maintenance includes polishing and cleaning as well as keeping your prongs tight.

Prongs hold your diamonds in place. If you notice a slight misalignment, it is best to bring your ring to a jeweller for a quick repair. Leaving it unfixed runs you the risk of losing your centre stone.

Don’t: Let Dirt Sit on Your Ring for Too Long

Regularly cleaning your cherished piece does more good than you can imagine. It removes dust and prevents dirt build up that could cloud the shine of your band. There are a lot of home remedies that are mild enough to keep your ring shiny but harsh enough to eliminate grime. However, it is important to take note that some chemicals work well with clear diamonds but could ruin a coloured gemstone.

If your ring is too precious to take that risk, you can always drop it off to Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge for an expert cleaning. We have access to steamers, sonic cleaners, and other tools that will make sure your piece is spotlessly clean.

Do: Store It Properly

engagement ring care

Don’t just toss it around your table before sleep. As much as possible, keep it in a clean and dry jewellery box lined with soft velvet fabric. Assign a designated spot for your precious ring as you chop vegetables or doing the dishes. This way, you won’t have problems locating it when you are done doing your chores.

Do: Have It Insured

Because your engagement ring is precious, keeping it covered is a must-do after your significant other pops the question. After all, you’ve spent months or years dreaming of wearing that stunning piece, and now that it’s literally on your hand, insure it for your peace of mind.

Add a jewellery rider to your existing homeowner or renter’s insurance. If the value of the ring is more than the amount covered by your home policy, you can get an insurance that specializes in such.

Do you need expert jewellery cleaning

You’ll be wearing your engagement ring for the years to come–you’ll want to make sure it lasts a lifetime. Schedule an appointment at Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge to learn how you can get your piece of jewellery covered. All jewellery pieces created in our studio also comes with a lifetime service plan which includes free cleaning and polishing of your engagement rings.

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