As you glance at the new permanent fixture in your hand with all its sparkling glory, you’ll start to ask yourself: How do I take care of this? You’ll start treating it like a new addition to the family; small, fragile, and exceedingly expensive. All your questions about engagement ring care are valid at this point.

So, how do you make sure your engagement ring is always in its best condition? Read below to find out the top tips for engagement ring care.

Get engagement ring insurance.

The first and most important step to taking care of your engagement ring is to get insurance. Engagement ring insurance is the best favor your could possibly do for yourself and your partner after the eventful proposal. You can talk to your existing insurance provider about adding the ring to your policy. Most companies should allow this.

Avoid touching the center stone.

If you have a diamond engagement ring, avoid touching or rubbing the stone if you can. Diamonds are notorious for attracting dirt and grime. Eventually, you’ll notice that the shine on your ring diminishes or looks hazy. The cause is usually something that’s stuck underneath your precious stone.

Clean and maintain the engagement ring.

The trick to great engagement ring care is regular cleaning. Dirt, dust, body oil, and even lotion can easily make their way into the crevices of your engagement ring. Soaking the ring in warm water, using mild detergent, and scrubbing with a soft-bristle toothbrush is a safe and gentle way to clean your engagement ring. If you’re not sure how to take care of your ring, prioritise getting engagement ring insurance first before attempting to clean the ring.


Avoid treating with harsh chemicals.

Cleaners that are abrasive or erosive can spell disaster for your ring. Engagement ring care requires knowing which products to avoid to preserve its beauty and durability. Hairspray, furniture polish, and chlorine are among the definite no-nos when taking care of your ring. This is why it’s important to get engagement ring insurance immediately after receiving the ring. Once you get used to the feel of the ring on your finger, it’s easy to forget.

Schedule monthly maintenance.

Speak to your jeweler and ask for monthly repairs or cleaning. This can include re-tightening the prongs so the stone or stones aren’t loose and cleaning the dirt away. You may be asking yourself if it’s better to just clean the ring yourself at home. Good question. Many women have done that, all with varying results. We suggest that if you have the extra cash, let the professionals take care of your engagement ring for you.

Remove during hands-on activities.

Swimming, gardening, woodwork, and even simple arts and crafts may not be good for ring care. Also, if your ring has micro pave stones, avoid wearing it during tennis, golf, or any other rigorous activity.

Want to know more?

The engagement ring care you need for your ring may vary depending on the metal, stone, and setting you have. It’s generally best to get engagement ring insurance to prepare for any contingencies. For more information on the care of specific stones, book an appointment with us today at Monty Adams Jewelry Concierge. We’ll be happy to help you with the care of your engagement ring.

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