One of the common questions that soon-to-wed couples ask their jeweller is how to get their wedding ring size correctly.

But first, you have to decide if you’ll order your wedding rings online or if you’re buying them from your local Sydney jewellery store.

The reason why you need to know this info is that buying in-store is a much simpler, much faster process compared to online shopping. The steps vary slightly but for the determined couple who factors in the time it takes to buy a ring online, or the time it takes to get a bespoke ring from a brick and mortar shop, it shouldn’t be a big problem.

For couples buying online:

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Printouts also called the paper test

One of the older methods of ring sizing when buying online are printouts. You can download these printouts from the internet but they are not the most accurate that’s why most jewellers don’t recommend them. Most printable ring sizer comes with an instruction that tells you to ensure that the PDF is printed at 100% to get your most accurate ring size.

The ring sizer kit

A ring sizer kit usually comes in a plastic tool in a shape similar to a cable tie (but with measurements like that of a metric ruler) and shipped by an online store to a buying customer. They are typically mailed free by the online store to your nominated address.

These plastic ring sizer must indicate full, half, and quarter sizes that you would try to find your best size. A ring sizer kit also comes with instructions specific to your preferred online jewellery store. Pay close attention to the steps as there might be small differences when it comes to sizing compared to other stores.

The dental floss or string technique

A popular ring measuring technique is the string technique. If a ring sizing kit is not available, this is the second best option, and all you need is a piece of string.

  • Use a non-stretchy string to wrap around your the biggest part of the finger you wish to wear the ring on.
  • Allow enough room to accommodate your knuckle
  • Remember that different fingers on the same and the opposite hand may vary in size. Thus, measure the specific finger on which hand you will wear it.
  • Your finger is likely to be the largest at the end of the day, so measure your finger in the afternoon. Also, cold temperatures make your fingers shrink, so warm your hands first before measuring just in case if you live in a cold place.
  • Measure three to four times to prevent an erroneous reading.

For couples buying from a brick and mortar or a mobile Sydney jeweller:

Ring size measurement tool
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Most rings you see in a store are between size 6 or size 6 ½, and not all fingers fall on those sizes. The ring may need to be sized larger or small for it to perfectly fit you. Unless you found a ring you like and there is no need for adjustments, your jeweller will be happy to package the purchase for you on the same day.

But, what if the ring you found and love is not the perfect fit?

How does a jeweller size a ring?

First, you need to know that there are separate tools used for narrow rings and wide rings. An example of a narrow ring is a solitaire, and a wide ring can be fashion rings or wide bands.

For a narrow ring up to 4mm in width, your jeweller will use a set of finger sizing gauges to determine your size. They are marked in whole and half sizes.

For a wide ring, wide-finger sizing gauges are used to determine finger size for rings that are over 4mm.

Another tool that is used the most accurate size of a client’s ring is a ring sizing stick or ring mandrel. Often, a ring mandrel is made of tapered wood, plastic, or aluminium that is marked in quarter, half, and full-size increments.

Your local jeweller should have these tools to be able to size your ring correctly.

Looking for wedding rings that fit perfectly?

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