Timing is important in plenty of things – and with engagement rings, when you’re going to pop the question may play a large role in the ring you’ll get. Some rings work better than the other depending on what season it is, and while most engagement rings will more or less be made the same way, the variety of options available to you will always give you something to think about when popping the question.

So depending on the time of year that you propose, here are some engagement ring options you can look into when getting them made. These gems all come with their own meanings and symbolism, but it doesn’t mean you need to be confined to these options – feel free to mix and match!

Diamond – Winter

diamods engagement rings

Iridescent and dazzling, diamonds have been a mainstay in engagement rings for the longest time. Usually chosen as engagement rings for proposals that take place in the winter, diamonds convey a sense of everlasting strength and beauty in your relationship, owing to its precious nature and the lifespan of the gem.

Emerald – Spring

emerald engagement rings

Bringing to mind the vibrancy of new life after the long winter months, emeralds are a striking centrepiece to any engagement ring. With its deep hues and natural complement to most ring bands and designs, emeralds have seen a resurgence in custom engagement rings that are crafted to make an impression from anyone wearing it.

Ruby – Summer

ruby engagement rings

The vivid colors of rubies make it a favourite for proposals in the summer, calling to mind the eternal color of what represents love in popular culture. Symbolising love, passion and promise, it holds the life and love that exists in the relationship of two people who hold each other more important above all else – a fire that will last for the rest of their lives.


Sapphire – Autumn

sapphire engagement rings

Introspective, thoughtful, and calm – sapphire symbolises the stillness and peace that comes from spending your life with the one you love the most. With the deep hues available to sapphires, they make for classic, if simple rings that perfectly encapsulate feeling with form.

All these gems play on one another if you set them in rings that allow this design – with crafting your custom engagement ring, you have full freedom to decide which one is best! Each them has their own meaning, but it’s ultimately you who will know what is the best for the person you know better than anyone else.

You can even take this one step further and use the gemstones to determine the design of the rest of the ring – whether the cuts of the gems should be rounded or square, the color of the wedding band, or even the design of the centre gems. While the gems above echo the tastes and flavours of the seasons, you may decide to go in different directions depending on your tastes and the tastes of the person receiving this ring.

If you’re thinking of a proposal soon in the future, Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge is here to help you craft the perfect ring. We work with all gems and designs of the highest quality, making sure that you get the best ring for the best thing in your life. Contact us today!

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