The pink diamond is taking the jewellery business by storm. But what really makes this beautiful coloured stone a sought-after jewel among couples?

Pink diamonds are not only captivating and highly-coveted but they are among the rarest and the priciest coloured diamonds in the world.

In fact, in recent years pink diamond engagement rings have made record-breaking auctions and they’ve become a popular choice among celebrities and royalties.

According to the GIA, “Of the millions of diamonds mined each year, only .001 per cent can qualify as fancy colours and only a handful can achieve the top grades of Intense and Vivid.”

Needless to say, a pink diamond ring is not only for couples with exquisite tastes, but it also makes a great investment in the long-term.

Here’s are the main reasons why I recommend a pink diamond engagement ring:

  1. Pink diamonds are beyond rare

Rarity makes the pink diamond a very expensive stone. It’s often associated with luxury because per carat can retail for approximately $100,000 (USD). But, if you will look at their value as an investment, the returns are astounding in the long run.

Take for example the 14.93 ct “Pink Promise” Fancy Vivid pink diamond that sold for $32.16 million at Christie’s November Hong Kong sale.

  1. Mysterious colour origins

When grading diamonds, there are four main attributes – cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight. The colour is the most important aspect when grading coloured diamonds. If you’re wondering where the hue comes from, it has to do with trace elements present during their formation.

Know that specific elements give birth to specific diamond colours. For example, nitrogen helps form yellow diamonds and boron for blue.

However, pink diamonds are still a  mystery to scientists. Nobody knows what specific element causes a pink diamond. They are an intriguing mystery of nature.

  1. Pink diamonds and the colour combinations

Obviously, the most valuable pink diamonds are those that have the most intense and purest colour of pinks. However, there are pink diamonds that possess secondary hues. Some of which are brown, grey, orange, and in some cases even brownish-purple. The most popular among jewellery collectors is purplish pink.

The intensity grading scale of pink diamonds ranges from Faint to Fancy Deep. The GIA scale for the different grades is:

Faint Pink, Light Pink, Very Light Pink, Fancy Pink, Fancy Light Pink, Fancy Intense Pink and Fancy Deep Pink

GIA Chart:

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  1. Pink diamond for an engagement ring

While colourless diamond remains the most popular choice, coloured diamonds are enjoying the spotlight now as more and more couples are gearing towards luxury and unique ways of expressing their love.

Pink is a feminine colour that embodies class, beauty, and individuality. Like colourless diamonds, pink diamonds are extremely durable and scratch resistant.

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