As you plan your big day, take a look at the different styles of wedding rings you can choose from.

She said “yes” and now it’s time to say “I do”! We know that your adventure in finding the perfect engagement ring has been a delight.

Admit it, there is nothing more nerve-wracking than popping the question to the woman of your dreams!

Now, finding the next set of rings should be an exciting and memorable one, because it’s something you’ll both do together.

You may already have an idea of what your wedding rings should look like and there’s plenty of options for couples nowadays. 

To help you find the perfect wedding rings for you and the future missus, let’s take a look at the different types of wedding rings designs men and women.

Wedding Rings For The Groom

Contrary to popular belief, there’s as much pressure for men as there is for women when choosing a wedding ring. Men care about the quality and the style of the ring that best express their personality or character, just like women.

Yellow gold plain wedding band
A traditional, gold wedding band is perfect for a wedding that is rich in tradition.


  1. The Classic Wedding Ring

Simple, old-fashioned, and classic. They are the most popular wedding rings designs among couples, and they are the default choice for men. Steeped in tradition, the classic wedding band is hard to beat in terms of popularity.

This wedding ring style can be accented with diamonds (or other gemstones) with a matching engraving and still finish as cost-effective.

Zirconium wedding band for men

  1. The Trendy Titanium or Black Zirconium Wedding Ring

For all the unconventional grooms out there who rather prefer something on the edgy side, the Black Zirconium could be the one.

Featuring an eye-catching dark colour, the titanium-made ring is becoming a popular choice among men. It’s lightweight, shatterproof and extremely durable. Not to mention the fact that it looks exquisite and that it oozes with personality. Definitely, a great alternative to Gold and Platinum rings for the stylish groom.

  1. The Fingerprint Wedding Ring

As personalisation is becoming more popular in terms of wedding ring additions, the idea of being able to wear each other’s fingerprint is rising in popularity in the wedding ring business. The personalised wedding ring feature works best when added to a plain flat or courted ring profile.

Wedding Rings For The Bride

We know how much the ladies love to put their personal touch on everything, from the wedding venue, the reception area, down to the smaller details like the motif, flower arrangement, the music, and the beautiful nuances that will make their wedding memorable. The choice of wedding rings is no exception.

Yellow gold diamond wedding ring for women
9CT Yellow Gold 0.25ct Diamond Ladies Ring
  1. Diamond Set Wedding Rings

It’s true that diamonds are forever and if you want to make your ring stand out without losing its elegance, a custom-made diamond wedding ring will give you that look. You can customise your wedding band in a way where diamonds are neatly set and secured into the band to achieve a beautiful sparkle.

  1. Bespoke Wedding Rings

Many couples prefer to go the custom made route, primarily because it allows them to incorporate their personal touches into their wedding bands. This is why bespoke is so popular among women. Ladies, if you have a special symbol that will remind you of your love story till death do us apart, we highly recommend a bespoke wedding ring.

  1. Textured Wedding Rings

A plain finish provides that shine that anyone from miles away can see. A textured take away some of the reflection but doesn’t lose the shine. A great example of a textured wedding ring is satin finish rings.

Need help?

Monty Adams is a private Sydney jeweller. We help couples customise their wedding rings based on their custom design requirements, pictures, ideas and budget. Let us help you design the perfect wedding rings to mark the most important occasion of your life. Make an appointment today.  



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