Oddly enough, you have precious gems and metals in the bottom of your jewellery box, that scarcely see daylight. It may have belonged to your mom, grandmother or even your great grandfather. While selling them is often an alternative, its connection may stop you from doing anything about it. Perhaps, selling is not the best choice here.

Heirloom Pieces of Jewellery

By essence, heirlooms are family property inherited from one descendant to the next. Usually, it is made of high premium quality materials and valuable precious stones, whose style displays excellent artistry. And as we all know, family jewellery has a profound sentimental significance which may lack aspects of quality. Rather than hiding your family jewellery in a drawer, you can take your items with you to a reliable jeweller for remodelling. There are numerous ways of putting ancient jewellery into new lives, and a custom builder can directly help. You can upgrade or generate an antique environment. You can take the old part of an aspect or two and tweak it in a different piece, too. Another way to do it is to combine components of various elements and remodel it.  This transition from antiquity to new is a pleasure for anyone who dabbles in jewellery styling arts and sciences.

Jewellery Remodelling

Custom gemstones are highly symbolic and emotional. Using old gold and gems to produce new fit parts is a way to honour the past in the present.
  1. You can transform old pieces of jewellery from relatives or elders to a brand new wedding band for your upcoming wedding.
  2. Replace your grandmother’s diamond ring into an intricate and unique one that showcases an old-fashioned rose-cut diamond.
  3. To celebrate a breakthrough anniversary, remodel your original wedding bands to fit your contemporary touch and way of life.
The options of heirloom jewellery remodelling are endless. Like becoming a valuable memory, you can produce a majestic improvement to your remodelled heirloom pieces. 

Choose Your Jeweller Wisely

You must work with the right jeweller to achieve your objectives. Experience in redesigning heirloom pieces is essential, and the skills engaged differ significantly from the standard design. The capacity to respect and maintain the emotional importance of the work is necessary to the method, although creativity and vision is a must as well. Heirloom jewellery says a tale, and you do not alter the story if you decide to bring these out of the powdery cabinet and let them shine. Instead, you attach the following chapter.  Custom jewellery enables you to make items with significance, which talk to your core and taste.

Quick tips: 

  • Make sure to let professional jewellers assess your old pieces first.
  • Turn a brooch to a necklace or vice versa. 
  • In a purse or bangle, use the diamonds in a handful of earrings. 
  • Check with your jeweller how you can use the metal in other pieces to generate a delightful, contemporary setting. 

Final Thoughts

Heirloom joys generally have a tale behind it, which makes them even more unique or emotional. Modifying a piece in its modern look that isn’t for you is a manner to get this tale down the generations.

Let Certified Jewellers Remodel Your Heirloom Pieces

With Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge, you are sure that expert jewellers will handle the remodelling of your heirloom pieces with a lot of care. Book an appointment with us today!

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