It’s important to keep your engagement ring photography impeccable, especially because it’s something you’re gonna keep for life. But how do you make sure to get the best shots possible? Read below and find out how you can capture the perfect shots of your ring.

Perfect the lighting.

Taking a shot of your engagement ring in broad daylight is perhaps the easiest way to get perfect lighting. The majority of ring shots shared online are done outdoors, where the sun can bathe your hand with immaculate rays of light. This is a great way to naturally bring out the sparkle on your gemstone. If, however, you’d like an indoor shot, you may need to bring out the big guns. And by that, we mean turning on or directing plenty of light towards your ring.

Wherever you decide to take a photo of your ring, make sure you avoid areas with tricky shadows. Your ring will sparkle a lot less and you’ll miss out on amazing engagement ring photography.


Know your ring.

One of the best ways to get the perfect shot is to experiment with different angles. It’s a great way to discover the amazing qualities of your ring, such as its unique sparkle and reflective properties. If you’d like to highlight your stone’s shape, try an overhead shot minus the filter. Also, the more you know your ring, the more you’ll come to love it!

Pamper your hand before the shot.

Engagement ring photography isn’t always about the ring. Of course, everyone is interested in seeing the ring, but your hand can also take center stage for the shot. If you’re due for a manicure when your fiance drops the surprise proposal on you but can’t wait to snap a ring shot, don’t worry. A little lotion can go a long way to making your skin look smooth and shiny. Also, if your nails aren’t looking their best, try a shot that leaves your nails out or hold hands with your partner to hide those unkempt claws.


Look for an exciting background.

If you’d like to take your ring shots to new heights, why not take a trip to somewhere with awe-inspiring sceneries. It could be at the side of a cliff overlooking the ocean, or if you aren’t feeling very daring, just a shot of your ring on a bed of roses is also playfully romantic.

Take A LOT of shots.

Sometimes the key to getting the perfect engagement ring photography is to take as many shots as you possibly can. Because somewhere hidden between all those mediocre photos is the one ring shot to rule them all. Yes, it can be tricky and tedious going through all those pictures, but we guarantee you that it’s worth the effort.

Edit before you post.

Doing a little tweaking to your ring shot is a great way to add a more dramatic feel to the image. Maybe you want the colors to pop out more? Or maybe you’d like to add more contrast to accentuate certain parts of the image? There’s really nothing a good image editing app can’t do for your photographs. And when it comes to ring photography, these apps can really make a difference.

Get a professional photographer for your engagement ring photography.

Let’s face it. The only way to get astounding ring shots that will wow your friends is to get a professional photographer. Someone who has the right equipment, experience, and know-how can make a world of difference. Compared to DIY photography, it will cost you more, but the results speak for themselves. There’s just no beating a professional when it comes to taking breathtaking engagement ring shots.

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