From narrowing down your choices to picking a style you both like, from the choices of metals down to verifying the authenticity any ring, we’ve got you covered.

Congratulations! Getting married is probably one of the most exciting times of your life as a couple, especially for the gentlemen. We understand how nerve-wracking it was to propose to the woman of your dreams, let alone choosing the engagement ring that she will say yes to.

But, now that’s out of the way and buying wedding bands is next, you will never go wrong with it if you follow these simple steps.

4-Step Buying Guide for Wedding Bands

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Step 1 – Set a budget

How much should I spend on wedding bands?

This is a common question among couples who are tying the knot soon. Couples often wonder whether they have set aside enough in their wedding budget.

Decades ago, the rule of the thumb is to save 2 to 3 months’ worth of salary to spend on an engagement ring. However, in recent years, it has become acceptable to spend only what you can afford and what you feel happy with.

The same thing can be said about wedding bands. There’s no shame on being practical. You don’t need to spend a fortune on wedding rings that will get yourself in excessive debt just to keep up with your friends.

If you are budgeting for a wedding ring, you’ll be happy to know that compared to an engagement ring, the former is more affordable.

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Step 2 – Determine your style

Wedding bands may look very simple but there are aesthetic elements that can make them unique. Your wedding rings may come in different setting styles, metals, metal colours, and precious stones like diamonds or gemstones.

To help you find wedding bands that match your personal style, here are a few ideas:

  • Do you like matching wedding bands? The traditional choice is to have matching rings that are made from the same metal, with an identical design, but this has waned over the years. You are allowed to accentuate a plain wedding band by experimenting with different finishes, precious stones, engravings, and the curve.
  • Do you like your wedding band to match your engagement ring? For the ladies, this is a concern. Ideally, you want your rings to look coordinated. But this tradition is fading too and women are encouraged to style their wedding rings differently from their engagement ring. Be as creative as you like.
  • What metal do you prefer? The more popular metals are yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum and palladium. They vary in terms of colour, care, cost, and hypoallergenic nature.
  • If you’re buying gold, it’s important to consider the karat. The purest form of gold is 24K, which is soft and it’s not usually used in jewellery unless it’s alloyed with other metals. 18K has the least amounts of alloy and it’s harder than pure gold. The lower the karat, the more alloys it has, which subsequently means that it’s also stronger and more cost-efficient.
  • For white metals, platinum bands are the most expensive due to the rarity and its luxurious appearance, but a great choice because of its hypoallergenic nature.
  • Embellishments? There are couples who like to go the extra mile. Wedding bands can be embellished with gorgeous diamonds or coloured gemstones like sapphires and rubies. Make your band as special as you want them. Engrave a date or a saying, or a special symbol, personalisation is completely up to you.

Step 3 – Think long-term

There’s a perk in creating a ring that looks timeless. You are going to wear the wedding ring every day of your life and it’s something you’ll want to wear 40 years from now.

But, remember that you don’t have to stress about it too much. You are not married to the ring and you can add a stone, and other changes later on to mark the milestones of your marriage.

Step 4 – Check for quality

Just like any other piece of jewellery, quality control applies to wedding bands. An authentic ring has two marks inside the band. First is manufacturer’s trademark and then the other is the quality mark (ex. 18K, PLAT).

If you’re adding diamonds, ask for a Gemological Institute of America certification. This certificate tells you about the grade of your diamond based on carat, colour, cut, and clarity.

Need help?

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