Buying a ring is tricky enough but planning your grand proposal is trickier. With today’s technology anything that looks unusual, unique, and “so extra” as millennials say it can go viral with just a few clicks. Weird signs, cute animals, and wedding proposals are the most frequently shared ones.

Unless you are a star or a famous personality, the probability of the news spreading that you are tying the knot is unlikely to happen.

Focus view of a woman's hand showing her diamond engagement ring while kissing his fiance

Choreographed flash mobs, movie trailer proposals, and other over the top “proposals” fill our timelines and newsfeeds daily, but does your proposal really need to be a social media hit?

NO. Not really, unless you want to be well known and is intentionally vying for a little bit of internet fame.

There are countless reasons for your wedding proposal stay low-key but still memorable and amazing.


Keeping your proposal low-key maintains the intimacy of the occasion. Professing your intent to stay with your loved one for the rest of your lives need not be broadcasted to the world for it to be special.


Privacy is not much of an issue if you are not a celebrity. But opening up and making your proposal go viral can breach your personal space. If your girlfriend is a private person, chances are, she wouldn’t want something that would catch a lot of attention even from people who are close to her.

Your love is not for show

In the age of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and various social networks, people think that the more views, hearts, and likes you have the better. People look for validation through these sites which are really not necessary.

Announcing your engagement is OK and good, but going over the top just to have something to post defeats the purpose and the true meaning of the moment. Rather than showing off online, show your love through actions she will like and appreciate.

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Marriage > Proposal

Some women dream of being proposed to, the grandest way they can think of. But today’s practical woman knows that a proposal isn’t all there is to it. Keep in mind that professing is not the end, marriage, more than the grand scheme of plans is more important.

Less Expensive

One advantage of having a low-profile and intimate engagement is it might cost you less. Aside from the ring, you won’t have to pull all stops just to surprise your beau. Choosing to be as quiet and laid-back as possible for your betrothal is possible without breaking the bank.

Your fiancée-to-be

The ring is important, the proposal is too, but everything would be for naught without her. You might want to surprise her and do something extravagant for her, but just like when choosing her ring, consider her personality and preferences.

Whether you plan to make your proposal viral or not, the two of you who will spend lives together (forever) in the future are the main stars.

Man proposing on one knee holding woman's hand during sunset

If you still can’t decide how to ask her, here are some of the best wedding proposals you can try.

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