Wedding rings are a symbol of lifetime commitment and love. One of the most economical ways to personalise rings is by adding inscriptions that best describe your story and emotions towards each other.

Here some engraving tips to make your wedding band even more special:

engraving tips for wedding rings

Learn About Your Ring’s Restrictions

Planning your ring engraving is as important as preparing for your wedding day. By talking to your jeweller about the limitations of your ring, you will have a better idea of what type of engraving is suitable for your wedding bands.

First of all, the number of characters you can place inside the band will depend on the length of the inner circumference of the ring. Second, the type of metal of your ring also plays a role in the success of the engraving.  

Take note that there are still a few metals, such as tungsten and titanium, that can be difficult to engrave on. A special laser and engraving tools are used to engrave tungsten. Often times, inscriptions for these metals would even require an additional fee.

Gold, silver, and platinum are durable and soft enough to be engraved on. Adding engraving on these metals are easier and more affordable.

Choose a Symbol That Lasts a Lifetime

The things that resonate with you and your partner today may not be relevant to the both of you for years to come. Choose something that will never go out of style.

But if you want to get really personal, add the one that best represents your bond or your favourite experience together. Do you have catchphrases? Nicknames? Or maybe a part of your favourite song?

Memorable Dates

Many couples opt for dates such as wedding dates. It’s simple and it makes sure you never forget your anniversary!

Coordinates of a Special Spot

Do you have a special place you want to be reminded of? Probably a park where you had your first kiss? Or the church where you exchanged your vows with each other? Use the latitude and longitude of the location as an engraving–it will be like a secret code between you and your partner.

Initials and Catch Phrases

Initials are one of the most popular options for engraving. It gives the ring a more defined look and symbolizes how much you complement each other.

If you are a witty couple, a funny catchphrase or an inside joke to which you and your partner can relate to will also work well for wedding ring inscriptions. But if you want to be romantic, you can opt for a quote from your favourite film or a lyric of your dance song. It’s up to you.

Bible Verses

Pick a meaningful Bible verse that captures the essence of your marriage. If the message does not fit the ring, you can shorten it by simply putting the book and its chapter. Here are some examples for your inspiration:

1 Corinthians 16:14 (Do everything in love)

Song of Solomon 2:16 (My lover is mine, and I am his)

1 Corinthians 13:8 (Love never fails)

Keep It Simple

Script fonts may look gorgeous and can be tempting to use in an engraving. But when written on a small band, these types are often difficult to read. Instead, you can opt for a non-serif font, it’s simple and easy to read.

Common Engraving Ideas

There are absolutely no rules when it comes to engraving. Here are some sample sentimental phrases you might be interested in:

My heart is yours

I do

I am home with you

Yours eternally

You are my lobster

Us against the world


Quotes from Famous Films

To me, you are perfect – Mark, Love Actually

My heart is…yours – Edward, Sense & Sensibility

P.S I love you – Gerry, P.S I Love You

Talk to Your Partner

While surprising your partner is a great idea, it is important that you and your significant other agreed to have your ring engraved. Once you’ve come up with the decision, you can keep the rest of the details as secret as you did on your proposal.

Looking for Expert Engraving?

Engraving should only be done by experienced jewellers, especially on something that is as important as your wedding ring. At Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge, we can engrave wedding rings the way you imagined them to be. Our highly skilled craftsmen use modern tools and equipment to make sure every detail is done according to your specifications. Let us make your ring as unique as your relationship with your bride to be. Book an appointment today. 


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