Your engagement ring is a piece of treasure you want the whole world to see. You might even want to wear it 24/7. But that’s a bad idea. In order to keep your engagement ring in good condition and avoid the risk of losing it, you should definitely take it off in some occasions. Taking care of your precious ring includes knowing when to take off your engagement ring. Don’t wear your engagement ring while doing these 5 activities.

1. Hands-on Physical Activities

Take off your engagement ring when you’re hitting the gym or playing sports– volleyball, tennis etc. The precious metal used in your engagement ring is soft to a certain degree. You might unintentionally put pressure on your ring band while doing heavy workouts or contact sports. This pressure can bend and deform your ring band. The claws holding your diamond or gemstones can also bend, risking the stones to fall out. Contact to metal equipment such as bicycle bars or weights can also scratch or tarnish your engagement ring.

2. Glamming Up

Lotions and moisturisers are not great for your engagement ring as they are for your skin. Moisturising with your engagement ring on can cause discolouration of your ring. Remove your engagement ring before applying lotion to avoid excess build up and cloudy film to form over your diamonds or gemstones, making them appear dull and lifeless. Chemicals and other substances found in hair sprays, perfume and other cosmetic products can also cause grime build up on your engagement ring. Take off your engagement ring before moisturising and doing your make up.

3. Swimming

Don’t wear your engagement ring in the ocean or in the pool. First of all, you wouldn’t want to lose your precious ring in the vast ocean water or sand. Cold water shrinks your ring finger, making it easy for the engagement ring to slip off. Sand can also wedge itself in your engagement ring setting. Harsh pool chemicals and chlorine causes discolouration on metal bands. White gold engagement ring will turn yellow much faster if exposed to chlorine.

4. Shower

Don’t shower with your engagement ring on. Like lotions and cosmetic products, soaps and hair and beauty products can cause unnecessary buildup on your engagement ring which can be hard to clean. Oily soaps can dull the finish of your diamonds or gemstones while exfoliating soaps can cause scratches. Your engagement ring can also easily slip off when your fingers are all lathered up with soap or shampoo.

5. Cleaning

Take off your engagement ring before doing household chores. You wouldn’t know how many times you might accidentally hit your engagement ring against tough surfaces (counter-tops, floor tiles, cleaning tools etc) while cleaning. This can cause serious damage on your ring setting and stones– scratches, tarnishing and deformation of metal. Harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia found in many cleaning products can also cause discolouration of your engagement ring’s metal and coloured gemstones.

When taking off your engagement ring, make sure you have a safe and memorable place to put it. Have a separate box or pouch to put your engagement ring securely. If you forgot and accidentally wear your engagement ring while doing the activities above, don’t panic. Check for any damages and make sure your engagement ring is clean afterwards. Don’t forget next time.

We understand the temptation of wearing your engagement ring all the time. It’s brilliant, beautiful and undeniably precious. But it’s always better to be safe than sorry. It is important to properly take care of your engagement ring. Make sure your engagement ring is clean and free of any damages.

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when to take off engagement ring

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