Custom Made Men’s Wedding Rings

Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge offers a wide selection of men’s wedding rings you can choose from. Pick the perfect wedding ring to match your personality and lifestyle. From timeless classic gold and platinum bands rings, to contemporary diamond set carved rings, to edgy modern titanium and black zirconium rings, Monty Adams offers a range of designs for you to chose from.

Every wedding ring is entirely unique and handcrafted based on your custom design requirements, pictures, ideas and budget. At Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge, we work with you to create the bespoke wedding ring you’ve always wanted using any precious metal and your choice of diamond or coloured gemstone.

Experience our friendly service and the exceptional quality of our custom made wedding rings and wedding bands, which come with a lifetime warranty. And importantly, each piece is uniquely created for you by our multi-award winning jewellers.

Men’s Wedding Rings and Wedding Bands

Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge specialises in custom-made wedding rings. We can make your Men’s Wedding Ring into any precious metal including White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum, and with a wide range of diamonds and coloured gemstones. We can work off your own ideas, pictures or designs and our jewellers can create sketches of various design options for you.