Men’s Wedding Bands & Rings

Men’s wedding rings symbolise a husband’s love and commitment to his partner. Choosing the best wedding ring is important. Most men prefer simple, bold and strong looking bands but there are also some who prefer contemporary wedding bands/custom engagement rings with intricate designs and patterns.


Men’s wedding rings symbolise a husband’s love and commitment to his partner. Choosing the best wedding ring is important. Most men prefer simple, bold and strong looking bands but there are also some who prefer contemporary wedding bands/custom engagement rings with intricate designs and patterns.

Custom Made Men’s Wedding Bands

Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge offers a wide selection of men’s wedding rings you can choose from. Pick the perfect wedding band to match your personality and lifestyle. From timeless classic gold and platinum wedding rings to contemporary diamond set carved rings, edgy modern titanium and black zirconium rings, Monty Adams offers a range of designs for you to choose from.

Each of our wedding rings are entirely unique and handcrafted based on your custom design requirements, pictures, ideas and budget. At Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge, we work with you to create the bespoke wedding ring you’ve always wanted using any precious metal and your choice of diamond or coloured gemstone.

Experience our friendly service and the exceptional quality of our custom-made wedding rings and wedding bands, which come with a lifetime warranty. Most importantly, each piece is uniquely created for you by our multi award-winning jewellers.

Unique Men’s Wedding Rings in Sydney

Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge specialises in custom-made wedding rings for Sydney couples. We can make your men’s wedding ring into any precious metal including white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum, and with a wide range of diamonds and coloured gemstones. From sapphire wedding rings to rose gold wedding rings and everything in between, we can work off your own ideas, pictures or designs and our jewellers can create sketches of various design options for you.

Did you know we also specialise in all kinds of bespoke jewellery, whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, engagement or other special occasion? For a truly unique token of your love, contact the certified jewellery and diamond professionals at Monty Adams today for custom made engagement rings and wedding rings in Sydney.

Create a custom wedding ring as unique as your love.

Our Custom wedding ring is set with diamonds on a gold or platinum band, but if you’re looking for a band as unique as your love story, speak to the expert jewellery concierge at Monty Adams. Be inspired by our designs to create your own unique wedding ring, matched to your colours and taste.

If you’re looking for only the custom jewellery, explore our wide range of some of the most popular styles of wedding rings that we have to offer. We also sell loose diamonds and coloured gemstones at wholesale prices, providing you the best for your budget.


What are the different types of men’s wedding rings available?

Traditionally, men’s wedding rings were limited in terms of choice but over the years, men have pushed the boundaries of design and material to ensure they can select something that reflects their unique style, personality and lifestyle needs.

Each style, material, finish and setting have strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, you should take into account how robust and durable the ring needs to be, how comfortable is it to wear every day and your budget when choosing the ideal ring.

An experienced jewellery professional can answer any questions you may have both about design and the material choices to suit your individual circumstance. This will ensure you have a ring that meets your expectation over the long term.

Are there any special stones available for men’s wedding rings?

Yes, the most popular special stones for men’s wedding rings are white and black diamonds due to their durability and strength. These are commonly incorporated either in a row of stones or a single diamond that matches or compliments the wedding ring metal, setting and design. 

However, any stone can be chosen and is a matter of style, taste, preference and design. Diamonds and gemstones in a wedding ring can represent or evoke memories and times within your relationship journey and make a special item even more meaning.

What is the difference between a men’s wedding ring and a regular ring?

The difference between a men’s wedding ring and a regular ring is that it is designed with a male’s hand profile in mind. As a result, men’s wedding rings often contain a thicker band and diameter and can accommodate a larger finger where needed.

While there is no ‘one size fits all’, there are common differences between a more masculine or feminine wedding ring. The more delicate design elements found in most feminine rings, tend to be unpopular for male rings.  To get a personalised wedding ring designed with your style in mind, speak to our expert jewellery designers.

What are the different styles of men’s wedding rings available?

The five main styles of men’s wedding rings are classic, patterned, diamond, gemstone and signet.

The most popular men’s wedding ring is the classic wedding ring style. The classic male wedding ring style is timeless and traditional, featuring an all-metal band with either a rounded or flat profile. It can be personalised with either a smooth or textured finish. 

A patterned men’s wedding ring brings together the shape of a classic ring; while offering a nearly unlimited choice to personalise and modernise a men’s wedding ring. Simple edge patterns or something bolder through the centre of the ring can be added to any metal choice and can be combined with stones or textured finishes to further customise your design.

A diamond wedding ring for a men’s band is another oldie but goodie and is a great way to add a nice detail and extra style to your wedding ring. Popular diamonds for a male wedding ring are white or black diamonds. There are many ways to add style and diamonds to your band, including several diamonds wrapped around the band or accent diamonds to add extra personality.

Gemstones are a unique and contemporary way to add style to a men’s wedding ring design. Perfect for trendsetters and for making a statement. They are a great way to accentuate the design of your wedding ring, an add a pop of colour for a unique look.

Signet or flat top designs are very traditional but are making a comeback for many modern grooms! A signet ring with round, oval or cushion-shaped plates, usually have a tapered band for comfort and can be engraved with family crests or other personalised and meaningful motifs or initials. A flat top, has a simpler rectangular top, sitting horizontally across the finger. These popular design choices can be set with diamonds or other gemstones to further personalise the design.

What are the different metals used to make men’s wedding rings?

The most popular and classic wedding ring band options for men are yellow, rose or white gold, with platinum also a very popular choice. Other more modern metals for men’s wedding rings are titanium, zirconium, tungsten, tantalum and sterling silver. There are also alternative men’s wedding ring metals available such as stainless steel, cobalt, and meteorite. 

Gold is one of the most popular men’s ring choices, particularly white gold and yellow gold. White gold men’s wedding rings are a brilliant white, similar to platinum but are, in fact, plated in rhodium. Yellow gold is a classic choice for a men’s wedding ring, beautifully displaying a subtle, warm yellow glow. They are robust, and unlike white gold, they are natural in colour, and their colour does not fade over time. Platinum is another popular choice for women’s and men’s wedding rings, known for their durability. Platinum is one of the rarest elements in the earth’s crust and is naturally white without the need for rhodium plating.

Are there any special finishes available for men’s wedding rings? 

Yes, there a several types of finishes available for men’s wedding rings, including; high polish, satin, matte, brushed, combination, hammered and sandblasted for that unique finishing touch. 

The most classically popular men’s wedding ring finish is a high polish. A high-polish finish on an wedding ring has a highly reflective shine, and its smooth surface is free from any texture or irregularities. 

A Satin wedding ring finish has a smooth surface but is not as reflective as high polished, for a more subtle and understated look. 

Brushed and Matte finishes on wedding rings are like satin finish but are more textured and an excellent option for those with active lifestyles and jobs that use their hands often and for everyday wear and tear.  

Hammered wedding ring finishes have a highly textured surface with a look that resembles dimples or dents and can come in either high polish or a textured finish. 

Sandblasted wedding rings have a stunning sparkle and a distinguished frosted texture. 

 A Combination wedding band finish combines several metal types for a beautiful, unique design. 

Are there any special shapes available for men’s wedding rings? 

Yes, many special shapes, or profiles are available for men’s wedding rings, including the classic half round comfort shape, flat wedding ring shape, high domed (Or D-Shape), bevelled and knife-edge. The shape of the wedding ring alters the overall fit, look and design. 

The half-round comfort profile is one of the most popular choices and for a good reason. It is a timeless look and has a rounded inside fitting for an aesthetically pleasing shape and comfort.   

Another popular but contemporary wedding ring shape for men is the flat wedding band. The flat wedding band has a rounded or flat interior that compliments the flat exterior.  

A high domed (also known as a D-shape) men’s wedding ring shape has a pronounced rounded outer profile and a flat inside, perfect for a closer, snug finger fit. 

A bevelled wedding ring is an excellent option for men’s wedding rings. A bevelled ring shape as a tapered off edge for a modern look. A bevelled edge can be applied to either a rounded or flat exterior shape. between a flat and domed wedding ring shape. 

A knife-edge wedding ring shape is unique and not as scary as it sounds. It is a contemporary ring style featuring a ridged centre line and tapered sides, creating a ‘v’ shape. 

Are there any special fittings available for men’s wedding rings to increase comfort? 

Yes, two main special profiles are available for men’s wedding rings; comfort fit and standard fit. The popular comfort fit features a rounded inner fitting and a looser fit for increased comfort. The comfort fit is also a fantastic wedding ring choice for those with larger knuckles or hands that swell often or easily. The next option is the standard fit men’s wedding ring option that is flat inside and allows for a closer fit. Remember, your man will wear the ring daily, and the fit determines the comfort. Either fit can be applied to nearly any of the other design choices. 

Are there any special engravings available for men’s wedding rings? 

Yes, many special engravings are available for men’s wedding rings, including message inscriptions, fingerprint engravings, groove and edge detailing and delicate engraved patterns.  

Adding an engraving detail or short sentimental inscriptions to your wedding ring can be an exceptional and personal design option. It can make an already special item more meaningful and unique. 

If you want to pick something that represents your relationship and means something to you and your loved one, there are a few romantic ideas and popular engraving ring designs that can deliver the message you wish to convey. 

Fingerprint engravings on a wedding ring are truly personal and connect you to your significant other wherever you might be. Wedding ring message inscriptions do not have to be a statement or bold; add them as a secret touch inside your ring as a unique ring design feature. Short sentiments work perfectly for inscriptions inside the ring, imparting a message that conveys so much meaning using just a few words, such as a monogram of your initial, the wedding or engagement date, cute couple nicknames, a significant location, the date met or a simple ‘to my wife’ or ‘to my husband’.  

Adding groove and edge details are a unique design feature and are particularly suited for wide wedding rings and solid ‘plain’ wedding bands. The additional edge details add a unique subtle detail that breaks up and adds detail to a wide wedding band. Grooves are added and carved into the sides of the wedding ring parallel to the side of the ring.  

To get your ring engraved, speak to a Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge to guide you through the wedding ring and engraving design options for you and your partner to admire and as a perfect reminder for years to come. 

What is the best way to size a men’s wedding ring? 

The old method of sizing a men’s wedding ring is taking string or ribbons, wrapping it comfortably around the widest part of his ring finger, and marking or cutting the string where it overlaps or joins. Although this is not the best option to size a men’s wedding ring! The most accurate and easiest way to size a men’s wedding ring is to contact a professional jewellery specialist to find the perfect fit.