Your engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of your upcoming marriage to the person you love. Although diamond engagement ring are created to last a lifetime, we can’t hide the fact that there are things that are harmful to your precious ring.

So we listed five ways that you damage your engagement ring and how to avoid them. Read on to find out more.

Not taking it off when you’re cooking

While it’s great that you wear it all the time because you’re proud of it, it is better to take off your engagement ring whenever you cook.  A sink is a dangerous place for your ring when your hands get slippery; you don’t want to lose it down the drain. You also would not want to wear your ring when preparing raw meat or kneading dough. Aside from the residue that can get stuck in gaps, you do not wish for germs or bacteria from your ring to get into your food.

Showering with it

Take off your ring when you shower. Although it may seem harmless, soaps or other bath products can scratch, let’s say, your diamond engagement ring. These microscopic scratches, both in your metal and diamonds, will be seen over time and it can dull your lovely ring. It can also slip while you have soap in your fingers; that’s adding more scratches to your engagement ring.

Working out or playing sports while wearing it

Whether you have a diamond engagement ring or other gemstones, you should be wary when you’ll work out or play sports while wearing it. It would do you good if you just leave it at its box or anywhere safe.

You should avoid swimming with it in the sea or pools, too, as it may slip from your finger and forever be lost, or the chlorine in the latter may damage it.

Cleaning the house with your ring on

While we understand that you love your engagement ring so much and you don’t want to remove it even when you’re cleaning, we do not recommend it. Cleaning agents are harmful to your ring; sometimes these may be strong enough to cloud your diamond or discolour your ring metal.

Not bringing it to your jeweller for maintenance

The worst way that you can damage your diamond engagement ring further is by not going to your jeweller for its regular maintenance. While we want to say that nothing can happen to your ring, that is not always the case. At some point, you may forget to take it off when you do some of the above, thus damaging it. The best thing to do is to get a regular check-up and maintenance for your ring. You should talk to a trustworthy jeweller about it. With all our jewellery pieces, we offer Lifetime Service Plan which can be added for an additional cost.

These are just some of the popular ways that you can damage your engagement ring. If you are worried that an activity you plan on doing may harm your ring, then it is better for you to remove it.

Should you also need more advice on how to take care of your ring, you can read our top cleaning tips for your Diamond Engagement ring here.

Always remember how precious your engagement ring is, and you would want it to be safe not only until the wedding day but also for a lifetime. Luckily all our Engagement Rings come with a lifetime warranty.

Let us help you with your ring concerns

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