Your partner finally asked you with an amazing diamond engagement ring, and you said yes. Congratulations! You are now engaged. Once you have started researching for your preparation for the wedding, there is no turning back. You get sucked into all activities relating to your special day. If you finished reserving your venue or looking for the right photographer, the next important thing that you are probably thinking of is your wedding rings.

You have plenty of choices when it comes to wedding rings. Couples can buy ready-made wedding rings and have the adjustments, or you can have bespoke jewellery by an award-winning jeweller and let them bring your dream wedding rings to life.

Should you get matching rings?

Your mother and dad father may have had matching rings when they got wed. Some friends of yours who recently got married did not have the same rings, but it complemented one another. You and your partner were thinking of using two different designs. So which direction should you go for?

If you’re asking whether your wedding rings need to match or not, the simple answer is that it depends on your preference. Wedding rings, just like diamond engagement rings, are precious gifts that symbolise your commitment to your spouse-to-be.

What makes buying for wedding rings easier is that you and your partner can discuss which ones you like. Buying a diamond engagement ring, for example, is harder than purchasing a wedding band, as the person who will be buying has a lot of things to consider with that, especially if the proposal is a surprise.

Buying wedding rings

When you are ready to purchase weddings bands, it’s better to discuss everything with your partner. You can look at the type of metal (yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum) that you want to use or if you’re going to have diamonds or other gemstones to go with it.

Couples use both matching or non-matching wedding rings these days. It will all really depend on the budget and your preferences.

How does the ring feel in your ring finger?

Most brides look for the “This is it!” feel when they are shopping for their wedding dresses. Usually, this is also the case when it comes to wedding rings. Even if it takes a bit more time, looking around to see the perfect ring for you isn’t a problem. The best solution to find the perfect wedding rings is get in contact with a mobile jeweller who can create custom-made wedding rings for you and your partner.

Whether you choose a matching wedding ring or not, wedding bands symbolise the love you have for each other: infinite.

Custom-made engagement and wedding rings

If you need either diamond engagement ring or matching or non-matching wedding bands, Monty Adams can create the perfect rings for you and your partner. Book an appointment with us!

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