Diamonds are a woman’s best friend. Pink diamonds can then be a woman’s “best” best friend. If there’s a color most associated with women, that will be pink. Romantic and tender, pink comes from red, the color of passion, desire and love with a soft touch of perfection, safety and purity of white.

A pink diamond named Pink Star owns the title of the world’s most expensive gemstone. The 59.6 carat oval-shaped diamond set a new world record after it was sold for more than $71M in an auction held at Hongkong.

Among well-known personalities who own a pink diamond are – Queen Elizabeth, Mariah Carey and Victoria and David Beckham. Symbolising love and romance that will always last, a pink diamond is one of the most desired coloured diamonds in the precious gem market. Buying pink diamonds for a bespoke engagement ring will truly be a good investment.

Why Pink Diamond?

Like love…

Pink diamonds are one-of-a-kind.

This colour of diamond is really hard to find. It is so rare that only less than 1% of the total carats of diamond produced in Argyle Diamond Mine are pink diamonds. Argyle Diamond Mine is already the largest source of pink diamonds. In simple math, there’s 1 carat of pink diamond in every 1 million carats of diamond produced. Imagine how special it would be to own such rare gem.

Pink diamonds can be mysterious.

Behind the beauty of pink diamonds, lies a mystery. Other coloured diamonds get their colour from impurities caused by the presence of specific elements, boron for blue diamonds and nitrogen for yellow diamonds. Such impurities are not found on pink diamonds. Colouration of diamonds are caused by crystalline defects in colour centres. The colour centre responsible for pink coloration is still unknown.

Pink diamonds are undeniably beautiful.

It takes more than a year to produce 60 pink diamonds among the millions of stones produced by Argyle. After miners extract the crystal from the earth, cutters will skilfully bring out their beauty with the right proportions and angles. You can then have your diamond personalized for your special someone. Reflecting not only light but also love, romance and passion, pink diamonds can surely take someone’s breath away. The beauty of pink diamonds is a work of art to behold.

What to Consider Before Buying Pink Diamond Ring?

When buying a pink diamond, make sure that it is accompanied by a Certified Certificate by GIA, GSL or Argyle. This document will help you understand what you are buying and it will also prove the authenticity of the pink diamond.

Setting down a budget for your diamond ring is important. Pink diamonds are rare so it’s no surprise that they’re more expensive. Aside from rarity, there are also other factors that affect the price of diamonds also known as 4Cs.


For coloured diamonds, this component is considered the most important. The value of the colour of pink diamonds can be evaluated through three components – hue, saturation and tone. Hue refers to the visible colour of the diamond, in this case it’s pink. There can also be secondary hues – brown, orange and purple. The presence of secondary hues can affect the value of the stone. Purple and orange undertones are more valuable while brown undertone is less desirable. Pink diamonds with no secondary hues are rare and more expensive.

The intensity of the colour of diamonds is referred to as saturation. Prices of diamonds go up with the intensity of the colour. Diamonds with deep pink colour is more expensive than those with a faint pink colour.

You can tell how light or dark the colour of a diamond is through its tone. Pink diamonds’ grading fall into these categories: Faint Pink, Very Light Pink, Light Pink, Fancy Light Pink, Fancy Pink, Fancy Intense Pink, Fancy Vivid Pink, Fancy Dark Pink, and Fancy Deep Pink. If a secondary colour is present, it is also included in the grading. For example, Fancy Purplish Vivid Pink.


The weight of a diamond is referred to as carat. The bigger the pink diamond is the higher the cost of it. Keep in mind that pink diamonds with more than .50 carat are very rare and therefore more expensive.

Cut & Shape

Cut refers to the brilliance and how much the pink diamond reflects light. Though in coloured diamonds cut is considered not that important, you should beware of poorly cut diamonds. When it comes to shape, round coloured diamonds are more expensive.


Diamonds are not 100% perfect. They have natural imperfections called inclusions, which are like birthmarks within the stone. Clarity refers to the degree of the presence of these inclusions. Clarity is often the least important among the 4C’s, especially on coloured diamonds since most inclusions are invisible to the naked eye.

Once you have your budget set, it will then be easier to narrow down your choices for your bespoke engagement ring.

Personalise. Choose a ring that will match the wearer’s finger and lifestyle well. Ring band, diamond cut, style and setting – matching your partner’s passions will give the ring more meaning. Your pink diamond will be more beautiful if it matches your partner perfectly.

It is no doubt that pink diamond is one precious gem. It is rare, mysterious and undeniably beautiful. Buying pink diamond as an engagement ring, especially a customised ring will really be special.

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