There’s a simple but immeasurable joy in having bespoke wedding rings created just for you and your loved one. Customised wedding rings will give you a one-of-a-kind experience you can cherish together, reflecting on the design to truly symbolise your relationship. Here are some questions to ask yourselves to help guide you on your design.

1 How much is your budget?

Pay only with what you are comfortable with and what you can afford. Sometimes custom-made rings can be surprisingly cheaper than the ready-made pieces. Be strategic with the design. If your budget won’t let you buy a bigger gemstone, you can try the halo setting, a circle of smaller stones around the centre stone. This setting makes the centre stone look bigger while giving the ring that vintage look, and at the same time save you more money instead of buying a slightly bigger stone.

2 What are your inspirations?

Get your hands on as much inspiration as you can! Search for images and get as unique as you can. Come up with something special to you– colours, songs, words, images, objects– and see if it can be incorporated as your ring’s design. Feel free to expand your options from a traditional wedding ring. Always think outside the box or better yet, forget that the box ever existed. The design should reflect the commitment and intimacy of your relationship.

3 Would you rather customise an existing piece?

Heirloom wedding rings, rings you’ve already exchanged, existing designs that caught your eye are just some of your options for customisation. If you want to save time or running short of time, finding an existing piece is the way to go. An existing design can still be unique, customising it by making a few tweaks that will suit you and your relationship story.

4 What stones do you prefer?

Diamonds are famous for wedding rings. Keep in mind that it doesn’t always have to be a diamond. You may also want to consider sapphires and rubies. Next to diamonds they are the hardest gemstones perfect for everyday wear. Coloured stones are now trending, and a birthstone can make the ring more meaningful for you and your fiancee.

If you still prefer diamonds, you must always consider the 4C’s – Colour, Clarity, Carat and Cut to get the best quality of diamond. Diamonds also come in variety of colours for that unique touch. Pink and green diamonds are rare type of diamonds and are highly valuable.

5  What precious metal matches your lifestyle and passions?

When choosing a precious metal for your bespoke wedding ring, always think about your style as a couple. Platinum is durable and is perfect for an active lifestyle. Gold is the classic and fashionable metal. It is the common choice for bespoke rings. There is also white gold, also durable and very popular at the moment. It gets its silverish white character from the mixture of copper, zinc, and nickel or (palladium). Rose gold is a unique and romantic type of gold, it is warm pink and it is a combination of yellow gold and copper alloy.

Custom Wedding Rings SydneyWho should you work with?

When choosing a jeweller, first you must know their credentials. One way to look at it is through reviews and testimonials from their past clients. It is also important that the jeweller listens and listens well. A jeweller should also be able to show you a wide range of variety but also help you narrow your choices down so that you don’t have to walk away feeling overwhelmed. Know their services such as warranties and return policies so that you’ll be protected  if something happens.

When is the best time to get the design started?

A month or two is always the best time to start. It may be possible to have a custom design in one appointment, but it’s best to start ahead, to think the design through and make some possible changes. Deciding on the design itself can take weeks. Pay as much attention to the details and make sure that the jewellery designer gets it right and perfect for your wedding.

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