A diamond certification is prepared by an expert gemologist. This grading report describes the key characteristics of a diamond, providing you with a scientific blueprint. It is important to have the diamond certification provided by an independent grading laboratory and not by the diamond retailers themselves. In-house diamond certificates can be biased as the retailers can lower the standards while doing their own grading.

Diamond grading laboratories use the latest technology to evaluate the characteristics of diamonds. Each laboratory uses their own grading system and may show different reports from one another. Here are four of the top diamond grading labs in the world.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

GIA is the the leading diamond grading laboratory in the world, renowned for having the highest standard and consistency. Established in 1931, GIA is a non-profit institute providing knowledge, standards and education in the gems and jewellery industry. GIA created the 4C’s (cut, clarity, colour and carat weight) and the International Grading System – the worldwide standard for diamond quality assessment. Diamond certification from GIA is considered to be the most exacting and most acknowledged grading report.

Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD) or Diamond High Council

HRD, a private foundation established in 1973, is one of the largest diamond labs in the world. They use sophisticated technology in evaluating the authenticity and quality of diamonds. They represent the Belgian diamond industry as one of the most respected European-based gem institutes. HRD claims to be the authority when it comes to diamond grading.

International Gemological Institute (IGI)

Established in 1975, IGI is the largest independent gem certification institute with operating laboratories and offices in 18 cities including Antwerp, New York, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Dubai. IGI is also a prominent contributor in diamond education through the IGI School of Gemmology located in 14 cities all over the world. IGI works fast and in a much lower price, which appeals to some diamond retailers.

American Gemological Society (AGS)

AGS is a nonprofit diamond grading laboratory established in 1996, dedicated to protect diamond consumers. Long before GIA introduced their diamond cut grading scale, AGS has been using their unique scale from 0-9 with 0 being the most ideal diamond cut. They are known for their scientific approach, using a patented technology for their grading reports to offer consistency and accuracy.

A grading report is a must-have in every diamond you purchase, whether it’s loose diamonds or a jewellery piece. Diamond certifications help you understand what you are buying and verify the quality and authenticity of your purchase. A diamond certification protects you from low quality and synthetic diamonds. Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge offers high quality diamonds that come with GIA certifications.

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