Your engagement ring is special and we won’t be surprised if you want to share its beauty for the whole world to see. With Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites, sharing worldwide is not even a problem anymore. All you have to do now is capture the perfect ring selfie your engagement ring deserves. Follow these 10 tips for a better engagement ring selfie and you will surely get those hearts.

1. Know your ring.

Know the perfect angle to highlight your ring. What do you want to showcase?  An overhead shot shows off the shape of your centre stone while an oblique shot highlights the embellishment of the band.

2. Lighting is everything.

Take your picture somewhere with natural light. Outside with the right amount of sunlight, not too bright or too dark or near a well-lit window is the best option. Shoot with the sun behind you to ensure that your ring is evenly and well lit. Don’t let the sun shine directly at your hand, it will add unnecessary shadows. Natural light will give your engagement ring the perfect sparkle. Avoid taking pictures under yellow bulbs and fluorescent lights.

3. Get your nails done.

You want people to focus on your engagement ring. Don’t let them get distracted by your chipped nail polish or hangnails. You wouldn’t want any negative comment on your engagement ring selfie. Make sure your hand looks presentable.

4. Choose the perfect background.

Be creative with your backdrop. Make sure your background doesn’t steal the attention from your engagement ring. Choose a background that highlights your ring instead. Be creative and make sure your background is clutter-free.

5. Use your camera well.

Phone cameras have the focus feature so you shouldn’t have any problem with blurry photos. Avoid using zoom while taking your engagement ring selfie. Zooming in results to lower resolution and pixelated photos. Camera flash is a no-go unless you want a ball of light photo instead of a ring selfie.

6. Strike a pose.

Go with a natural pose. Know your angle and your ring’s angle. You can try different poses if you’re not into the common straight-fingered hand pose. Use props, whether it’s a mug of coffee, a book or a clutch. Try to keep it natural and relaxed. That way your engagement ring selfie will also look less staged.

7. Take pictures till you’re satisfied.

We are past the era of film strips now, you can take as many photos as you want. By doing so, you will have plenty of options later on. Try different angles and different poses and see which will turn out the best. Then choose the best photo, just one. Don’t do a collage.

8. Fix your photo.

Photo editing apps like Snapseed, VSCO Cam and Enlight are available for free. Editing your engagement ring selfie will make it even more beautiful. Experiment with the saturation and contrast. To filter or not to filter? If you’re going to use a filter, choose something that won’t change your skin tone too much. Enhance your engagement ring selfie by doing the right adjustments.

9. Write the perfect caption.

A good engagement ring selfie comes with a perfect heart-felt caption. Go with something short and simple. Some of your followers might not be into reading a whole paragraph. Be natural. Be you.

10. Share.

A quick reminder before sharing your photo on social media: share the news of your engagement to your parents and close friends and relatives first. They will love to hear from you directly instead of social media. After that, it’s now time to share your photo to the whole world. Perfect engagement ring selfie plus heart-felt caption. There’s no doubt your photo will get the hearts and likes. Don’t forget to tag your special someone.

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