Engagement rings are a personal reflection of your style and, for some, your show of commitment. And as memorable as weddings are, the moment of the proposal is also a memory to be treasured. But did you know that different engagement ideas call for different engagement rings to make the moment sweeter?

The Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring

Charm and simplicity are the reasons why the Classic Solitaire engagement ring never goes out of style. The shimmering, contemporary-cut diamond and its simple band make for a romantic statement. It isn’t just classic, it’s also a timeless design that is as everlasting as your love. The archetypical engagement ring since 1886.

Halo Engagement Ring Design

The Halo Ring Design is one of the more popular engagement ideas for millennial couples. The micropave setting of smaller diamonds, which surround the centre diamond, are incredibly beautiful. Yet they also need considerable care. If you’re looking for an engagement ring that can serve as a precious memento for years to come, then the Halo engagement ring is perfect.


Pave Setting Engagement Ring

This design is done by closely setting the small diamonds together until the metal is barely visible or completely hidden. This creates a continuous sparkle effect that draws a person’s attention to the centre piece, which is made to look larger. Its dazzling allure is also another thing that really makes pave setting engagement rings very popular.

Side Stone Engagement Ring

One of the more elegant engagement ideas is the Side Stone engagement ring. It’s a vintage piece of jewellery surrounded with smaller stones all embedded on the band, adding radiance to your centre stone.

Three Stone Engagement Ring

For the unconventional couple, the Three Stone engagement ring is a bold and eye-catching statement that will turn everyone’s heads. You can add your own symbolic meaning to these the three stones, which can vary in size and shape. Go for classic emerald cut diamonds or a mix of different cuts. With this engagement ring, you are sure to take their breath away.

Princess Cut Engagement Ring

What better way to delight your partner than with a Princess Cut engagement ring? Visualise vintage and style with this popular design that will blow all other engagement ideas out of the water. Sleek, charming, and boldly magnificent, the Princess Cut will continue to be one of the top choices of engagement rings for the hopelessly in love.

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

The rounded corners of the Cushion Cut is a truly awe-inspiring sight. With its vintage-inspired design that surrounds the centre stone, it makes a timeless statement of love and devotion.

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