Before looking for suppliers, couples should have a vision of what their wedding will look like. While some opt for just colour schemes, others prefer having a wedding theme. Do you want the typical indoor wedding with a whimsical theme? Or would you rather show your love for adventure to your wedding attendees with an outside venue? It all boils down to what you want to show on your special day. There are many themes available that you can choose from. But remember that since this is your day, you can always personalise. You may already have an inspiration of what your wedding rings will look like and what songs you’d like to play. But, the rest of your suppliers like venue and attire will depend on your theme.  Here are some wedding themes ideas that you can take inspiration of and make it your own.


If you prefer a traditional style of wedding, go for a classic theme. Classic is also an excellent choice if you want a soft and elegant touch on your wedding day! Choose colour combinations such as black and white, scarlet and navy, or lavender and sage.


Going back in time is the latest trend today. If you’re someone who loves pieces from the past, a vintage wedding theme will serve as your time machine. Vintage is timeless and gives you a nostalgic feeling that you will always want to remember.

Boho Chic

Do you dream of experiencing an enchanted wedding? If yes, then a Boho Chic theme is the closest thing to it! The theme itself screams romance, mythical, and dainty. If you want a soft, earthy feeling, choose a Boho Chic wedding theme.


A rustic wedding theme best fits couples who plan to take their venues outdoors. If you want the countryside or nature-inspired venue, a rustic wedding them would be best for you! Some of the decorations you can use are wood elements, plants, or wildflowers. You can even incorporate the theme to your guests’ clothing.


If these themes are not what’s in your mind when you get married, then it’s time to think outside the box. You can maximise your creativity with an alternative wedding theme! If you want something unique and you want a personalised wedding, then take this road. When you do so, you’ll be able to incorporate elements such as fairy tales or your favourite superhero costumes. We’ve seen weddings based on the couple’s favorite movie or book.  With an alternative theme, you can even make your bridesmaids wear a tux if you want! There are so many possibilities you can choose from this theme.

Which one should you have for your wedding?

Picking a theme depends on what you as a couple wants. Come up with a vision of what you both want to see in your wedding day. After all, this special day is for you.

Don’t forget to the rings!

Now that you have the engagement ring in place, it’s time to plan the rest of your big day. Wedding planning is a tedious task, but don’t forget important things such as your wedding rings. Schedule an appointment with us at Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge and let’s discuss your bespoke wedding rings!

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