Some people, wherever part of the world they may be, get confused about which finger the engagement ring and wedding ring should be put on. You and your partner may have talked about getting married and started preparing, but he hasn’t popped the question yet. You may not know when he’ll propose, but you already have a hunch. Or you may be someone who has been proposed to recently and are already on wedding preparations. You can also be someone who is just plain curious about engagement and wedding rings. Whether you are the first, second or third on the above options, you have come to the right place. We’ll help you know more about how to wear the engagement ring and the wedding ring.

The difference in engagement rings and wedding rings

Engagement rings reflect the commitment one person makes to their loved ones. It is an indication that a person is about to get married. Usually, people who will propose to their significant others keep it as a surprise. In many countries, people wear it in the left ring finger. On the other hand, wedding rings, as the name implies, are worn on the wedding day and signify that the couple is already married. After the engagement, the next thing that most couples discuss when it comes to jewellery is wedding rings. Couples buy these rings together to see that it fit perfectly.

From engagement to the wedding

As we’ve mentioned above, most engaged brides wear their engagement rings on their left fingers. On the wedding day, bride-to-be’s sometimes place it on their right ring finger temporarily so that they can wear their wedding rings on their left finger that is closer to their hearts. After the wedding, they transfer their engagement rings again to the left finger, on top of the wedding rings. In Australia, it is typical that wedding rings are put also on that same spot. It is from a custom in the UK, which other countries such as Canada, Sweden, Ireland, and New Zealand, among many others. In other countries like India, Russia, Spain, and the Netherlands, it is customary for brides to wear both rings on the right ring finger.

Does the tradition need to be followed?

Couples should remember that this is the tradition usually followed by couples. If you are not a fan of traditions or customs, then it’s really up to you on which side you would like to put it on. You just have to make sure that the rings are comfortable for you and your partner. After all, these rings symbolise your commitment and love for one another, whether you wear them on the left or right ring fingers.

Are you looking for bespoke engagement and wedding rings?

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