Proposals are like a time machine that brings back good old memories – from the time you’ve met to the moment you realized she is the one. As you decide on how to pop the question, consider these ten romantic proposal ideas guaranteed to make your loved one swoon.

The Fairytale Proposal

Choose a fairytale location to pop the question. Does your partner like the attention of a proposal in Time Square or does she prefer an intimate moment in a romantic restaurant? Or maybe she’s into a picnic with candlelight dinner and petals around her?

Every woman has different interpretations of a fairytale–simple, elegant, or someplace in between. It’s your duty to identify those things and incorporate them into your plan.

The Pet-posal

An oval shaped pink diamond on a puppy's paw

No one can say no to those puppy eyes, might as well use your lovely puppy to make your significant other say yes. Before popping the question, train your dog to carry the ring for you–which means practising weeks before the big reveal. It’s not only romantic, but it also shows the effort and patience you put into this to make everything special as possible.

The Beach Proposal

The romantic view of the sea makes falling in love so wonderful. Take this opportunity to make your girl swoon and pop the question just before the sun sets.

Before you invite her for a walk by the shore, ask a friend to write Will you marry me? in the sand. Throw on some roses around a mat where you can sit after you ask the big question. After she said yes, clink your glasses to seal this special moment.

The Mountain Proposal

Who wouldn’t feel head over heels with a proposal on a mountaintop? The dreamy clouds and the cold breeze make a great backdrop to your proposal. Remember to keep your ring in a safe pocket or you run the risk of losing it on your way to the top!

Quick tip: Hire a photographer who would be willing to take on this adventurous journey just to capture photos of you secretly. You don’t want to miss the grandeur of the mountain scenery.

The Artistic Proposal

Rent out a small art gallery and create a personalized exhibit for your significant other. An exhibit of her favourite artist or a compilation of your photos as a couple would be a great idea. If you wish, you could also hire a local artist to sketch different milestones in your relationship. Act as a tour guide and prepare a simple speech for each artwork. At the end of the “tour” go down one knee and pop the question.

The Disney Proposal

Disney proposals are designed for real-life princesses like your significant other. Popping the question in Disneyland never gets old, but if you prefer to exert extra effort on your proposal, you can surprise her by imitating her favourite Disney movie.

For instance, tell her that you’re going to a pretend Cinderella-themed ball party and buy her a pair of shoes that is an inch shorter than her size. While you’re down on one knee, fitting her shoes, start your speech with, “If the shoes won’t fit, maybe this ring would.”

The Performance Proposal

Impress your future fiance with an attention-grabbing song and dance number. Plan a flash mob with a group of professional dancers along with your friends who are willing to participate in your performance. Choose a swoon-worthy piece to dance to (probably your couple song) and practice it along with your after-performance speech.

The Nostalgic Proposal

Man proposing to a woman on one knee under the woods

Proposing in a nostalgic place adds value to the moment. You could either recreate your first date or go to any place your partner is very fond of. Probably a restaurant where you first met? Or a park where you had your first kiss? Make sure to pick a place that holds a significant memory so it wouldn’t be so difficult for her to relate to.

Photoshoot Proposal

It’s always impossible for a woman to turn down a photoshoot–it’s the easiest way to propose without her getting all suspicious about a special dress, a photographer, and beautiful setting. If you’re having difficulty finding an alibi to organize a pretend photo shoot, you could make her think it was her idea or suggest it for a certain occasion like your anniversary or her birthday.

Be sure to communicate this to your photographer so you’re on the same page! If possible, prepare a cue word for him/her so they know when to capture that perfect shot.

Do It When She Least Expects It

This is your chance to showcase your organisation skills and your creativity to plan everything without raising any suspicion. You could do it on a weeknight where both of you are sitting on a couch, watching your favourite TV series or it could be an elaborate proposal under the stars at night. Either way, pulling an amazing proposal involves a special ring that is uniquely her.

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