Have you ever wondered why diamonds are so coveted and why they’re a symbol of love and commitment in relationships?

A brief history of engagement rings

Ancient Egyptian woman wearing gold jewelleries

In the past, only Royals and Nobles declared their love with a diamond ring. Nowadays, celebrities and jet-setters are known to get down on one knee by presenting their future spouse with most amazing stones.

Therefore, there’s no surprise that a woman’s heart beats faster when she sees a magnificent piece. The tradition of wearing an engagement ring on the left hand is immemorial and goes back to old Egypt.

The Egyptians wore the ring on their third finger as they believed a vein directly connected to the heart runs through the heart in particular.

In the Middle Ages, the diamond was added to the ring as an official sign of engagement. Archduke Maximilian from Austria proposed to his first fiance, Maria of Burgundy with a golden ring set with small diamonds representing the letter M. Since then, diamonds are assembled to declare love.

Shakespeare and wedding rings

Shakespeare balcony in Casa Di Giulietta

In a later date, Shakespeare brought up the wedding rings in a lot of places. During that time, it was common to engrave romantic words inside both rings. The Victorian era around the 1800s was considered a very romantic period. Engagement rings in this time often had romantic motives such as hearts and flowers.

Currently, these models are still very desirable to present to your future spouse. In the early 1900s, engagement rings became more geometric. The designs were in line with the very popular art deco trend rings. Rings were richly set with diamonds and gemstones such as rubies and sapphires.

Royalties and bigger diamonds

A young Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip with a focus of her royal engagement ring

From 1940 onwards, diamonds became bigger. Prince Philip proposed to Princess Elizabeth with a stunning three-carat diamond ring surrounded by five diamonds on each side.

Up until today, the Queen subtly shows the staff she has an off day by wearing her engagement ring with the stones turned to the inside of her hand.

Ten years later, Grace Kelly was giving a stunning 12-carat, emerald-cut diamond ring by Prince Rainier of Monaco. The emerald cut was a very popular shape as a declaration of love. The immense stone even appeared on the big screen during Grace Kelly’s last film, High Society.

The Hollywood trend

Elizabeth Taylor dressed in a broadway scene as Cleopatra

The most expensive engagement ring ever given to a celebrity is that of Elizabeth Taylor. She was proposed to with a pear-shaped diamond ring of 69 carats, good for over a million dollars and first, the trend continued in Hollywood – the bigger the bling, the better.

During the most recent decades, there isn’t really a specific model trending. More and more celebrities and stars choose a non-traditional design with coloured diamonds. These are rarer and much more personal. Because let’s be honest, an engagement ring in your favourite colour is still the epitome of romance, isn’t it?

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