Looking for a special ring for your man? Let’s talk about men’s rings as an accessory. Symbolic, social, aesthetic in function, or a reflection of its time are some of the things that we can associate with rings. Both worn by men and women, rings can be an extension of the wearer’s beliefs and sense of style. Wedding rings, eternity rings, and engagement rings are some of the most popular but there are other types as well. If you want to know more about the different types of men’s rings for a special man in your life, this is for you. 
  1. Wedding ring

types of men's ring Men’s wedding rings come in different materials, styles, and sizes. From enduring platinum and gold as well as contemporary metals, wedding rings for men are now as varied as their women counterparts. Many still prefer the plain metal band with barely any addition, but a lot of soon-to-be grooms are getting more creative. From encrusted diamonds, engravings, finishes, and eccentric curves, men’s wedding rings are becoming more modern in style. So, ladies if you’re helping your future husband pick his wedding ring, encourage him to go for a custom-made piece that will match his style.
  1. Engagement ring

types of men's ring Proposing to men maybe uncommon but if you’re like Kristen Bell and Jennifer Hudson, women who take their relationships into their own hands, you’ll be surprised by the range of the available engagement rings for men there are. If you’re a same-sex couple, you’ll be equally thrilled with the range of styles available for you. Men’s engagement rings offer a variety of designs, and they can be as stylish and as unique as engagement rings for women. Here are a few ideas: Mixed metal bands – This contemporary design features a colour contrast created by combining two metals. For example, you can mix the black metal Zirconium as the interior metal and a polished 18K yellow gold or a 14K rose gold for the exterior. types of men's ring Hammered Finish – If you’re looking for something more simple yet masculine, a textured exterior wedding band creates a rugged vibe that is perfect for the man who loves sports and the outdoors. types of men's ring   Matte Finish – Would you rather have something traditional with a twist? A matte-finish exterior looks good on every metal colour. Still simple but with a bit of character. types of men's ring Bevelled Edge Matte Ring – A striking band with modern details, featuring two polished bevelled edges lining a soft matte finish centre. types of men's ring Diamond Ring – Diamonds and gemstones are not exclusive to the ladies. Men can also customise their wedding rings with sparklers. It doesn’t have to be a big, 5-carat centre stone. It can be small diamonds placed vertically or horizontally across the band. types of men's ring
  1. Eternity Rings

types of men's ring For a love that lasts forever, people in relationships often gift eternity rings to their better half as a symbol of eternal commitment. Eternity rings come into two categories – a full band and a half band. The former features a continuous line of identical gemstones, while the latter features gemstone embellishments on the top only. Either way, these two designs are beautiful and they should complement your man’s wedding ring.
  1. Grooved ring

types of men's ringIn recent years, there has been an increased demand for grooved rings. But, what is a grooved ring and why should you get one? Groove offers a unique design that features small chips and even full-circle carving on the ring. You will often find grooved rings made from tungsten. Grooves can be used on domed, flat, and bevelled wedding rings.
  1. Claddagh ring

types of men's ring Due to its ornate design, people often think that Claddagh rings are most appropriate for women, but this hard-wearing ring also looks great on men. The design has a heart, crown, and friendship components that symbolize love, loyalty, and friendship. This ring was originally worn by men in the west of Ireland as a marriage token.  

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