Tying the knot soon? Let us help you choose the wedding bands that you’ll both love using these simple buying tips.

You’ve pulled off the proposal, got that engagement ring on her finger, and now it’s time to set your focus on the wedding bands.

Choosing the ideal wedding ring is something that’s going to be memorable at this time in your relationship. I’m sure you’re both excited to find the perfect set of rings and it’s something that should be easy as a newly engaged couple. Besides, planning a wedding is crazy enough!

So, let’s help you choose your wedding rings without the stress, shall we?

Yellow gold plain gold band for ladies
9CT Yellow Gold Ladies Ring
  1. Start your search early

Assuming you want to have a pair of custom-made wedding bands, remember that bespoke orders take anywhere from three to six weeks to complete. Give yourself at least three to four months before the wedding date to shop.

On the other hand, shopping for ready-made rings can be overwhelming so be an early bird and take the time to browse, research prices, and revisit rings that you like.

  1. Set a budget

Although there is no hard rule on how much you should spend on your wedding rings, the rule of thumb is to assume that you’ll set aside about 3 per cent of your total wedding budget on the wedding rings alone.

The cost of a plain, 14-karat gold or a simple platinum band may start around $1,000 depending on the retailer. Embellishments like diamonds, engraving, and finish can quickly add to the cost.

Typically, engraving price is based on the number of characters, the font, and whether it will be engraved by hand or by a machine. Hand engraving is normally pricier than machine engraving.

  1. Decide on the style

Ring shopping overwhelm is bad for couples. Early on, narrow down your ring choices by asking these questions:

  • Diamonds or gemstones?
  • Platinum or gold?
  • Do you want a simple or detailed band?
  • Do you want your wedding ring made in the same metal as your engagement ring?
  • Do you prefer matching rings?

Tackling these questions will help create clarity in terms of what style of ring you really like.

  1. Get the sizing right

There are a number of life changes that can affect your ring size – pregnancies, water retention, weight gain, finger swell due to heat or cold. To find the perfect ring size that will weather all the changes I mentioned, it’s best to schedule your final ring fitting at a time when you’re calm and your body temperature is at its normal.

This means that you should avoid finalizing the size first thing in the morning because your body retains water the night before. The weather can also cause your hands to expand and shrink. It seems like a small difference but it matters in the long term.

  1. Choose the right jeweller

Quality matters for such an important piece of jewellery. It pays to focus your attention to talking to certified jewellers. When shopping for rings, make sure the band has to marks inside: the manufacturer’s trademark and the quality mark (e.g. 24K or PLAT). The former mark shows that the brand stand behind their work and the latter proves the metal quality.  

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