Are you thinking of proposing soon? Let us congratulate you on a new journey you want to embark on, whether you choose a mass-produced ring or you get a bespoke engagement ring. Indeed, it is a life-changing event. In this article, however, we will give you some of the top reasons why the latter is more desirable than their store-bought counterparts.

Bring your dream ring to life

You or your partner may have talked about the wedding before and the kind of engagement ring that she wants. Or if you haven’t discussed it yet, there may be times that she saw some diamond engagement rings that caught her attention. This is the perfect time to get a custom-made one. There are a lot of jewellers that offer ready-made rings, so getting a bespoke diamond engagement ring would be special for you and your partner.  It can be a bit difficult, but choosing the right metal or gemstone for your ideal engagement ring is also a great way to know more about her, secretly if the wedding proposal is a surprise. That’s because you’ll have to know her finger size or what ring she likes the most. Need help on choosing the right engagement ring for her? Let us help you with this article. It is also the time to let your creative juices flowing. Imagine your partner wearing a ring that symbolises your love for her. But of course, it should suit her preferences as well. You can check online for inspiration or ask a close friend or relative to help you out.

You’re involved in the creation of the ring

Unlike when you buy a ready-made one, you are part of the creation process of a, let’s say, bespoke diamond engagement ring. After knowing what your ideal ring is, then the step should be meeting with an expert jeweller to discuss your choices. Prepare a couple of reasons you should tell your partner if you would miss a couple of date nights while you’re planning for a surprise proposal. But we recommend that you explain it to her right after the proposal. It is essential to get a jeweller who you can trust because they’ll handle one of the most important jewellery in your life. You can check some of their portfolio of previous creations or see what other people say about them. Also, you can meet them in person to determine if you click with them.

Personal consultations with an expert

Having personal meetings with a private jeweller is another excellent reason why you should get a custom-made engagement ring. They can give you engagement ring advice, recommending what’s best for your budget and interests. A private jeweller will also take you through the entire process of ring creation. They will also inform you of the current happenings on your engagement ring so that you can plan the rest of your wedding proposal.

Are you ready to get a bespoke engagement ring?

Have you decided to get a diamond engagement ring? Or are your eyes on a beautiful sapphire engagement ring? Either way, you can let Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge help you with your bespoke engagement ring. Book an appointment with us!

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