You’ve put a lot of effort in choosing your fiancee’s bespoke engagement ring that it is easy to overlook the equally overwhelming task of choosing a perfect ring for you, the groom. In case you don’t want to find yourself lost with the great variety of options, or if you already are, we listed a three-step guide to find the perfect wedding ring for you.

Personality and Lifestyle

The choice of metal and design of the wedding ring should reflect your personality. Whether you get gold or platinum, that would depend on what you want to wear. Your lifestyle also serves as a huge factor. If your work does not require demanding activities involving your hand and fingers, you are free to choose whatever style you want. If not, then find a material durable enough to withstand the demand of your lifestyle and hobbies.

Size and Design

The technical specifications of a ring might be the most important and overwhelming part of your decision-making. There are four things to consider in terms of size: band’s width, ring size, fit, and shape. How wide you want your ring to be is all up to your personal preference. Go for a band that suits your finger well—whether that be a narrow or a wide band. It can be confusing, but ring size differs from the fit. Ring size refers to the circumference of the jewellery. A perfect fit is a must to ensure that your precious ring won’t slide right off or affect your blood circulation. Moreover, there are two types of ring fit: traditional fit and comfort fit. The traditional fit has a flat inside while comfort fit has a convex shape inside. While the fit doesn’t affect the look of your ring from the outside, the ring shape certainly will. A ring’s surface can go from flat or an almost D-shape dome. There’s a lot of middle ground between the two so you can choose a shape you are comfortable with. Apart from that, you also have to decide on three aspects of ring design: metal, finish and detailing and engraving. Platinum appeals to many men given its durability. However, it comes with a great price as platinum is one of the rarest metals on earth. If you want the same look as platinum but on a stricter budget, opt for Palladium. It is more affordable and also a bit lighter that you can barely feel the ring on your finger. Gold variations like white, yellow, and rose gold are also common choices, each with their own unique look. After picking a material, you will then decide on its finish or texture. High polish is the traditional choice with its reflective finish while matte offers a more modern feel. You can also opt for your band to have a combination of both. That leaves us to the last aspect: detail and engraving. If you are looking for more than what the plain band can offer, don’t worry as you have many options. If it’s your style, you may want to put gems in your ring. You can also put engravings like your partner’s name, wedding date, a word or phrase relevant to your love story, or anything that can give the jewellery a bit more meaning.

The Bride’s Ring

Of course, you and your partner’s ring may look different, given each other’s distinct personalities. However, your rings should still complement each other. Consider using the same metal, having the same width, or matching the details and engravings. It is easy to forget about your own ring after the daunting task of finding the perfect engagement ring for your fiancée. But don’t forget to give your wedding ring the same love your partner has for her own as you will both be wearing these rings for the rest of your life.

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