The use of engagement and wedding rings goes a long way back. With a rich history, engagement rings and wedding chains now became customary jewellery for unions. However, what’s the distinction between a wedding ring and an engagement ring?

Engagement Rings

At the moment of the wedding proposal, a person receives a ring for commitment. Traditionally, women have this and they will carry it from the moment of the proposal. A ring on her finger will show everyone that she is taken and dedicated to her future husband. The engagement ring used to announce not only the engaged status of the woman but also showed her future spouse’s position in society and his fortune. The Old Romans are believed that they started the tradition of placing the sign of engagement on their ring finger. They considered it as the “vena amoris” or the vein of love that directly connects to the heart. In other ancient cultures that also includes the Egyptians, they also used these bands. The tradition even remains today with engagement and wedding rings. Marriage bands are still placed on the ring finger so that it is close to the heart. In some culture, it is in the left ring finger and in some, it is in the right finger. Talk about lovely symbolism!

Wedding Rings

During the wedding celebration, wedding rings are switched between couples. They are usually more straightforward rings than engagement rings and can have no core stone or notable jewel. During the ceremony, both couples obtain wedding rings and carry them on the third finger of their left hands. The exchange of vows is one of the earliest marriage traditions in the world, based on the reason you think. One version of the wedding ring says the bride binds her ankles and wrists with grass during ancient times to prevent her soul from escaping. He would take the rope and attach it to one of her thumbs once the wedding ends. This tradition progressively developed into a metal chain from pasture, cord, leather, and eventually, the ring.


A pair of marriage and engagement ring that was purchased separately requires cautious similarities. In an attempt to appear like these are one harmonious element and prevent undesirable rubbings between rings, the metal and shape need to be close to one other. Alternatively, a corresponding pair of wedding and engagement rings, which is also referred to as the complete bridal set, can also match the necklace. This guarantees that the metal used for both rings are the same, and they match perfectly together. However, whatever kind of ring you get as engagement or wedding ring, make sure that you take good care of it as it is a symbol of your love to your partner.

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