Experience award-winning craftsmanship with an oval cut diamond ring as bespoke as your engagement. Choose from our range of timeless designs or customise your ring to suit your unique style. Our consultative approach to oval cut rings offers you the convenience to select the perfect engagement, anniversary or birthday ring that suits your budget and needs. Offering a range of settings to choose from, whether you are after a dramatic look or a vintage style, we can work tirelessly to find the best solution for you or your partner.


Your engagement should tell a story, and so should your ring. Explore our stunning collection of engagement rings in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane available for fittings at your doorstep. Our experienced service relies on trustworthy, localised knowledge and high-quality materials to do the talking. Crafted from ethically sourced diamonds, each diamond is hand-picked by our in-house jewellers’ Monty Adams Jewellery Concierge, we understand how important an engagement ring can be. From Sydney to Wollongong our in-store experience offers the world-class service you deserve. Our collection extends across symmetrical oval cuts to a curvy pear-shaped diamond engagement ring and everything in between. Monty Adams offers a selection of timeless stone cuts for any bride and we stand by our quality, offering a lifetime warranty with every purchase. Get in touch with one of our jewellery consultants today to discuss custom engagement and wedding rings, or jewellery for other monumental occasions.

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In addition to our exclusive selection of Oval Cut Engagement Rings, Monty Adams has curated a stunning collection of high-quality engagement ring genres to suit any desired style and occasion. Our award-winning jewellery concierges will travel to you, assisting you in choosing your bespoke, custom engagement rings. Learn more about the styles we provide below:

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The average price of an oval cut diamond engagement ring in Sydney in 2022 is $3000 AUD.
The key to finding a budget-friendly oval cut diamond ring is research, with Sydney residents investing time and effort to gain an understanding of the budget considerations on the journey to finding the one oval ring to rule them all.
The amount spent on an oval-cut diamond engagement ring increases with the amount of research a seeker does into understanding the considerations required to ensure their hard-earned money is well spent, such as the 4 Cs of Buying Diamonds and Different Types of Engagement Ring Settings.

Yes, an oval diamond engagement rings is generally 10%- 30% cheaper than a round diamond engagement rings, for a diamond of exact quality comparison as round diamonds are more popular and in higher demand. A round diamond is also more expensive to produce due to the wastage in production to produce a perfectly cut round shape, therefore it incurs a higher cost.

An oval cut diamond ring symbolizes individuality, uniqueness and pushing the boundaries whilst remaining traditional and classic. The oval ring shape symbolises family, rebirth, and fertility due to its ‘egg-like shape’ and is a perfect ring for a couple looking to start a family, show commitment or the birth of something new from a situation such as divorce, death or an old relationship.

An oval cut diamond engagement ring is popular due to its versatility and functionality. An oval ring fits most settings, finger shapes and diamond or gemstone colours. An oval rings shallow cuts makes the stone appear larger; therefore you can get a larger looking stone for a fraction of the cost. An oval ring is a popular choice and great alternative to a round cut diamond for those looking for their ring to appear larger and more brilliant for less money. An oval ring is also a great choice and popular for those that have an active lifestyle as it is less prone to chipping compared to other diamond shapes. An oval ring also helps elongate the finger shape making the stone appear larger and complimentary on your finger.

No, oval diamonds do not have a cut grade and are not GIA certified, therefore assessing an oval diamond quality can be rather difficult. An oval diamond can also have dark areas known as a bowtie.

An oval diamond looks good in most ring settings which makes them versatile, although we recommend a four or size prong and bevelled setting to showcase and optimise your oval diamond. An oval diamond looks good in many style settings from vintage to modern due to its versatility and therefore is a great way to represent your unique love and style.